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  1. This is cool and I don't even own a trd. Always worried about scraping my lip though. Can admin add this to workshop submissions or somewhere else so we can all find it?
  2. I've heard that you get what you pay for with mars lights. Have a talk to Luke (aka defyant). What this guy don't know about lights, ain't worth knowing. You might have to buy a set of 2nd hand lights and get them to him so he can work his magic but I doubt you will be dissappointed.
  3. Lookin sweet Drew. (You do realise the 3rd set makes you a coil sl#t). Haha.
  4. So far as I know, fujita is no longer available. I have a dc sportswhich is very similar to the fujita setup. Theory seems to suggest the k&n sri (short ram intake) provides more low end throttle response whereas the longer tube and true "cold air" of the dc provide more in the high end. I've never driven a k@n equipped car so this is my "theory" only. Both will provide a substantial increase in induction noise and only mild (if any) actual power gains. That said, I think they are both solid products that do what they are supposed to. I love that sound.:-)
  5. Sameer, best value when starting out is with wheels and good quality tyres. You get a good benefit in looks and performance. After that you can look at bodykits, suspension, exhaust and intake systems. As posted earlier, do things a bit at a time, see where it ends up. Once you start, you will get an idea of what you want to do next. Rebs, I'm with you. Who cares if you just spent enough to buy 2 cars. If you can swing the $, why not roll in something you can be proud of? Mine owes me around 20 (purchase included). Insurance value is a bit over 11. I'm not planning on getting rid of her any time soon so whats the next 5 years of cruising in style worth?
  6. I would be the "guy in bundy". Welcome to the club.
  7. Tard and the dream both have very valid points. However, unless you bought the car new ( and this goes for anyone who has bought a used car), you don't really know the history of it. If there is any major damage to the engine, then by all means, get it repaired/replaced. If there are no obvious signs of damage and your mechanic thinks it will be fine, keep driving it. What I was trying to piont out in my original post is that if it's not broken, why fix it? Keep in mind that you will be risking the chance of something happening in the future but if there is really nothing wrong you are the winner in this situation. Tard and the dream, have you never owned a used car? Whenever buying used we take a chance that the car has been treated right. Are you really gonna condemn this person for getting what they can for their used car? Did you tell the buyer about all the unseen faults the last time you sold a car?
  8. Sorry to see her go but there comes a time when we all must say goodbye. Keen to see what you do with the new project. (It better have a sombrero on the nose though, haha). Best of luck bro.
  9. Depends on how long you plan on keeping it. If you're gonna sell it in 12 months, take the money and run. If you're gonna keep it for 10 years, you're better off paying the excess and be covered by your insurance policy. At the end of the day, it's not a good thing to run it without oil but depending on your engine temperature (among other things), you may have done very little actual damage. The fact that it is still running as normal makes me think you got lucky. Perhaps a bit of premature wear making your (example) 100k engine feel 150k old but still good enough to motivate the car and do its duty. As I said, depends on what you want out of it. Perhaps look at taking the insurance payout, throwing a bit extra yourself and having it rebuilt.
  10. I have a cat back system with sports mufflers so can't really comment on the muffler delete. I guess painting black would make it less noticeable but if you get pulled up and they are really looking, its gonna be hard to hide the fact you don't have mufflers. Other guys here seem to get on ok but I was worried about how much drone you would get back into the cabin. Just my opinion but spend a few extra $ on a pair of good sports mufflers and you won't have to worry. It won't be as loud but gonna be easier to live with in the long run.
  11. I seem to remember an aussie guy running a turboed 2gr in a desert race buggy. I think internals were standard (or very close). Gotta be prepared to go full aftermarket ecu though.
  12. Thats a sweet pic Drew. I'd get that one printed and put a BIG poster on the wall of the garage.
  13. Silence is deafening. I'd say you got stuffed around bro. Spend your $ with someone who actually has something to sell.