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MS342-12001 aero spoiler for 2009 corolla

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Has anyone fitted the MS342-12001spoiler to a 2009 zre corolla? Was looking at nengun website and it says it's compatible with the zre152 model but wanted to confirm before I ordered it. I've seen a few of the hot hatch pics with it on there but I'm a bit scared I'll spend all that money and it won't fit my car.

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Yes I have it but it only mounts onto the Levin SX/ZR and Ascent Sport factory spoiler, won't fit on the Ascent.. Meaning you'll have to fork out double the price to buy a genuine wing as well..




Mine's for sale(both)

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Sorry to just jump into the conversation, but if Anastasia doesn't take you up on the offer - I'd like to get a price for TRD spoiler. I have an ascent sport =)

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Anastasia - have you tried local wreckers for the genuine Toyota spoiler (I know there rather boring) - I'm constantly roaming ebay and gumtree looking for parts. I see heaps of spoilers. Chasing side skirts too...but I'd settle for the standard Toyota ones =) Plus I can't afford or allow myself buy anything else.

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