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Chasing bits

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Have been chasing a manual gearknob for my ZRE. One that's in good condition leather or plastic. Can't find one at a fair price. People asking 100 dollars for a piece of used plastic wrapped in fake leather is NOT fair. Help..

Also I'll post pics of my car after I give her a wash.


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How about go aftermarket?
I never understand why people want $100+ for their stock gearknob that is no longer brand new.

I picked up a TRD gear knob (genuine) for $70. Goes great, it's made of that duracan material or whatever that doesn't get cold or hot to touch.

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Unfortunately the ZREs don't like aftermarket gearknobs. The stupid things have a safety on the gearknob which needs to be lifted in order to get into reverse. Aftermarket gearknobs obstruct that function.

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buy a bolt M12x1.25 size (if you want to procede with an aftermarket knob) , and screw it into the shaft until you have space to pull up for reverse

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