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Side mirrors

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Hi everyone. My first "real" post other than in the introductions. Does anyone else have the same problem of objects in the drivers side mirror appearing further away than they really are? I'm pretty sure the AU Falcon I had years ago was passengers side appears further, driver side normal which is the opposite to my Presara. Maybe this is a Toyota stuff up because exported ones were supposed to be this way due to some countries having the driver on the left? Other wise, LOVE the car. To think I was nearly going to get a 380 TRX....... :g: phhhtttt.

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Totally understand the "safety feature" but I'm asking if any one else has the drivers side mirror this way (objects closer than they appear in the mirror) and the passengers mirror normal. Just strange that every other car I've driven has the warning "objects closer than they appear" on the passenger mirror. None of my mirrors even have the warning even though I know, and it's obvious that the drivers side is affected in this way. I really think they've fitted mirrors intended for the American market. Just wondering if any one else has noticed this?

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