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Transmission flush procedures?


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I've seen more on this in the states with the camry 3.5 v6 they call it over there.

Even as a diy the use a infrared scan tool for the temperature.

Has anyone honestly ever given the flush a good crack?

I've had two failures in the past, a 96 El Falcon with 228km on the 4 speed btr, also a vy with 180km using a 4l60e.

I just can't believe how incredibly difficult it is on the aurion compared to older transmissions. It's like they don't want the diyer to give it a go.

Anyway I've of got 55k on mine yet I still want to give it a flush for peace of mind.

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Really comes down to: If you break it, can you be bothered swapping in a new tranny?

Take a look at http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/36317-transmission-servicing/

Pretty much the complete guide on how to change the fluids.

Also take a look at http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/45224-u660e-transmission-service/

TRD Aurion, changing the fluid at 189k kms and it looks quite fresh even for the age.

The next time you take an Aurion taxi, ask the driver how many k's hes done and see if he has changed the tranny fluid ;)

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I didnt flush it, however I did drop the pan and replace exactly the same amount of fluid that came out, no dramas, that was at 60 000 km. Car is up to 75 000 now. At 100 000 I will do it again. The fluid was not burnt, still an ok colour but not the same as the new WS fluid that went in. It did feel different after the new fluid so something must be breaking down in the fluid by 60000km or the new fluid would have made no noticable difference.

I used to work at a holden dealership, much of my job was rebuilding 4l60E boxes. They mainly failed from heat, we didnt see many with high kms at the dealer though. Burned fluid smell is always a bad thing. The rebuild really ment a remove, strip, clean, new seals and friction plates, very occasionally a tinker with the valve body, refit to car, fill and test drive.

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I pretty competent in changing oils, but the only part that worries me is the fact there is no proper dipstick apart from an inspection hole, and also having to use an infared gauge

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Also, in another post in another forum, there was no mention of a filter? I just checked ebay quickly and there was only one filter kit for sale, which didn't list what comes with it. Is there a pan gasket, filter and also a magnet to clean like a usual tranny?

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