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Avalon boot lock rotated 90 degrees


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our 2002 Avalon boot lock has rotated 90 from vertical to horizontal and now cant be opened by key or internal release.

local dealer says it has been deadlocked and only the master key can unlock it, we only have 2 of the original keys left and neither would work for the dealer.

Anyone encountered this issue

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Your keys probably aren't working it properly because they will be worn. Flush and lubricate the lock ( Inox) and then while turning the key wiggle it up and down. The dealer is correct in saying that only the master keys would work it as the Valet doesn't work the boot or glove box. As your key worked it to turn to dead lock then you would have the master, which is also the key with the black head. The valet key has an extra cut in the tip preventing it from working.

Ideally get a new key cut TO CODE and it should be fine. Doing this will also help the other locks last longer ( Have fun when the ignition jams up)

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