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Question about K&N air filter for Aurion


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Does anyone use K&N air filter costs around $100 incl shipping?

I am interested in modifying my Aurion and want to start with changing air intake filter.

I would like to know what exactly K&N filter can do?

higher hp? wilder sound?

then lower part life?

if it is a bad idea, then any recommendation?

(I do not like too noisy sound, but a little bit low wild sound)


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As far as i know the K&N replacement filter won't give you any different sound, it supposedly lasts forever though.

The short ram intake will definitely increase a the sound of your car but not really noticeably effect horsepower, although it claims that it will.

I love the sound from my short ram intake in my Camry, your hear it from around 1700 RPMs and upwards. If it's below those revs you will hear nothing.

Best thing you'll get out of it will be the sound... other people on in club post stuff saying that if you combine this with other mods you'll see more of increase in performance.

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i fitted on the outer day, after being quoted $110 at my local autopro store with discount i ended up getting the one in the link below off ebay for $78.75


haven't noticed and differences, fuel economy hasn't changed, mainly got it longevity and cleanable/reusable

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I just ordered one on eBay from Sydney for my TRD! Should be good. Will post video link of before and after.. They don't add power buy should get a good noise from it with the supercharger.

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