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Hi, new to the forum but not toyotas


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A big Hello to everyone on this forum.

My name is Mark and I am currently hiding away in New Zealand but that may change.

My Car of choice is an AE92 FXGT corolla which I have spent many hours over that last 5 years working on.


From the outside I have tidied it up and given it a fresh coat of factory black.

Quick spec engine wise it is running a 20valve head, 4agze bottom end, Td05 turbo, custom manifolds, Water to air intercooler, sard 800cc injectors and link g4 engine management with an e51 gearbox and trd lsd putting the power to the ground.


Power wise it is currently 205kw atw on 16psi. That should be increasing shortly.

I Hope to be able to bring this car with me if/ when I move to Australia. I am well aware it wont be cheap and there is alot of things to sort through so I will be asking a few questions around this in the hope to get as much sorted as possible before shipping it over. some of the stuff on modifications you are allowed on cars in Austraila has me concerned/ confused. It would be nice to have minimal hassles getting it back on the road and I would hate to get it in the country only to find I have no hope of legally driving it other than on a race track.

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