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Flying Toads


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Yes Cane Toads, considered a pest in Australia because they:

-poison pets and injure humans with their toxins

-poison many native animals whose diet includes frogs, tadpoles and frogs' eggs

-eat large numbers of honey bees, creating a management problem for bee-keepers

-prey on native fauna

-compete for food with vertebrate insectivores such as small skinks

-may carry diseases that are can be transmitted to native frogs and fishes.

Cane Toads were introduced to Australia to eat French's Cane Beetles and the Greyback Cane Beetle. The larvae of these beetles eat the roots of sugar cane and kill or stunt the plants. The Australian Bureau of Sugar Experimental Stations imported about 100 toads from Hawaii to the Meringa Experimental Station near Cairns. The toads bred quickly and more than 3000 were released in the sugar cane plantations of north Queensland in July 1935. Big mistake!


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