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Tracking the Corolla Sportivo

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Hi guys,

I have been tracking my car for the last year and a half and loving getting in the car and going fast.

My question is regarding the brakes. Here is my rather stock current brake setup:

- Lines - Braided brake lines

- Pads - Remsa 0742.00 & 0741.02

- Fluid - Motul RBF600

- Standard disks and callipers and standard brake master cylinder

Unfortunately, at the latest track day, my brake fluid seemed to boil. Outside temp today was 31-32, so track temp would have been even higher.

This resulted in the brake pedal going to the floor a few times. Which then resulted in some laundry needing to be done.

Weird thing was, even on the drive home, the pedal was still going to the floor.

So my question is, what could be the issue?

How have you guys kept the brakes cool while tracking?


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Hi Chris,

It's probably not your brake fluid boiling because that fluid boils at 312 degrees even though it was really warm yesterday. It could be your brake master cylinder (seals? don't know) or maybe it's time that you upgrade your rotors... OR just don't brake at all hahahaha



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Haha, thanks boys. Good to see there still is some life on the forums yet!

I might upgrade the rotors. The standard ones have done 112,000km so it is probably time to upgrade anyway especially as they have been tracked a little bit. I will look at the brake master cylinder too.


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