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VX10 camry won't start need advice


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the car has seen better days, blown headgasket and has been sitting for a few months and has i think over 450000klm. it's an auto so push starting it is out of the question. hooked it up to my friends magna and it just kept turning over maybe abit too slowly but it wouldn't fire. i just need to move it a couple blocks to my place to get it running properly again. any tips on getting the thing started? it's a 2.2L with over half a tank of fuel that's only a few months old if that.

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Blown headgasket, has probably got coolant in the cylinders, could well have bent a rod or valve or something (or even just filled/partially filled the cylinders which means it definitely won't fire anyway), in which case forget it (and if its turning over slowly that could easily be the case)... All I would say is, take the spark plugs out and crank it to (hopefully) check if there is coolant in there, and if there is, to get rid of it (and drain any remaining coolant as much as possible to stop it happening again), check all wiring, fill the tank up with fresh fuel (the old fuel has probably gone stale, normal unleaded usually only lasts 6 weeks max before going stale), hook it up to a car with a big battery or a heavy duty jump starter pack, and keep cranking the bitch until it either fires or breaks something. Not much else you can do, without towing it...

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