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Kluger cargo barrier - missing part 17 fitting template


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I have a 2013 Kluger and we need to urgently source a missing part. Part 17 the fitting template, apparently we need this to drill the holes. I would appreciate it if anyone has one. Unable to install due to part missing from pack, unable to order from Toyota as they can only order the whole pack. Willing to pay $$ for it. Cheers


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I purchased the kit new about a year ago, but have only just gotten around to installing it, only to find that the fittings kit was incomplete. Toyota can only supply me the complete kit for $120.

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Have you checked with another dealer? I needed a fitting template for my front parking sensors after after a crash repair. The template was only a sheet of paper which you cut out and then placed on the body to position for drilling out the holes. I went to the parts department and they were able to email me the PDF version of the template which they accessed through the dealer network. If the template is the template is a sheet of paper rather than a plastic or metal item you should be able to get it. Alternatively you may just need to pay to have a dealer install it.

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