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Need help with car not starting

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hi guys

my 1986 corolla was running fine then i was driving it and just cut out on me, i started it again almost straight away. after getting to work i turned the car off, once i had finished work the car started fine i started my journey home and the car cut out again but this time it wouldn't start again. when you turn the key the car makes all the normal sounds but it just wont start. i was told it could be the timing belt but iv taken the belt cover off and the belt is still pretty tight and looked in tacked and when i manually crank the engine the belt will do a full cycle

any options i can look at or advise would be greatly appreciated

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Maybe a fuel issue?? Can you check that there is voltage going to the fuel pump and that it's working. and check that there is fuel pressure in the engine bay and the lines aren't blocked.

When it stopped working how did it sound? did the engine just stop or was it sounding/ running rough?

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hi mate, thanks for the fast reply.

i had not checked anything to do with the fuel yet but i was thinking the same thing. am i right in thinking that there is a valve in the engine bay that you can attach a pressure tester to so that you can see if the fuel pump is pushing pressure through?

The car was running fine, sounded great. The only thing that steers me away from thinking its a fuel problem is the fact that the car did not cough or splutter it just died, no warning. It did take a few times to restart after the first time it cut out so i guess that could of been my warning.

anyway im going to spend the day and check fuel lines, pump, and voltage and hope i can narrow down the problem. if you have any other thoughts i would take anything you got lol.

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