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What petrol can put in my Crown?


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19 hours ago, trentmeyer23 said:

Normal unleaded will be fine, but you should probably use a lead replacement additive as well due to era that it was built.

All M-series engines are alloy-head so should have hardened valve seats from factory, thus not requiring a lead additive.  Running Premium (95 or 98RON) is probably recommended though as the octane rating is closer to the old Super leaded petrol that the car would have been tuned for originally.



A lot of the misinformation about requiring lead additives comes from mechanics/people who mostly were used to the old Ford and Holden straight-sixes, which ran cast iron heads right up until the 80s (when Ford developed an alloy head and Holden put the RB30 Nissan motor in, only to go back to a cast-iron head for the Buick V6)

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Legends! Thanks Hiro and trentmeyer23. Think I'm gonna use 98 and see how she goes. It's in for a road worthy inspection and expect a few parts will be needed. Hopefully this forum can help me out too! 

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