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Need Info Regarding Corolla Ascent Hatch

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Hi everyone, I'm David.

I'm currently looking into buying a Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatchback because my wife wants a new car, and she'll be learning to drive soon and will need an automatic, where I like driving in manual.

I do have interest in another RAV 4, or other small SUVs, but the price is too high for me, even secondhand. The Corolla Ascent is already costing me an arm and leg, but the cheaper Yaris just a little too small. I'm most likely going to go for a used Corolla Ascent.

The reason I also chose the Corolla Ascent is because it's a decent compromise between Yaris and RAV 4 with regards to size. The 2016 model comes standard with reversing camera, fog lamps, cruise control, and a full spare wheel. For me, these are a must, where other features are highly preferable. So to try and bring down costs further, I want to know if there are older models, like the 2015, 2014, etc, that include these as standard also? Or if no reversing camera, even sensors are fine, but fog lamps and cruise control is a must; I'll buy a spare wheel if needed.

If none are standard, is it possible to get them as additional packages? But I guess, given that I'll be purchasing secondhand, that may be tricky to track down one that's cheap and has all the features listed above.

But I guess one thing that'll be very important to have is that because I prefer driving manual, but as my wife will also be using this, from what I understand, the 2016 model has the automatic and semi manual transmission right? Where you put it in Drive to drive in automatic, and if you want to drive somewhat in manual, you flick it to the side (or at least in other cars it's so), then you can push up and down to change gears.

Do the 2015, 2014, etc, models have this? Aside from the previously mentioned requirements, this is probably the deal breaker. If at the end of the day, only the 2016 model has it, I'll see...

Finally, is the Corolla Ascent easy to self maintain? Like changing oil, fluids, spark plugs/leads, etc, is it all easily accessible?

Reason why I want to ask here is because I feel like the sales rep will try to up sell more than care about what I'm looking for - who's going to car about someone buying a secondhand old car that they don't sell? Or maybe I'm over thinking it.

Anyways, any information will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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I refer to RedBook when I doing research into different model and variants specifications.

This is the link for the 2014 model


We were just talking at work yesterday about new cars/SUVs. Interesting how Hyundai/Kia product has improved so much and now offer 7 year warranty. May be worthwhile to have a look at the Kia Rio for comparative purposes. 

When you have a definite shopping list, I would recommend using an auto broker.

No direct experience myself but I know second hand that they can produce results unless you want to spend your time running around time haggling with salespeople.

Last tome, I was in a Toyota dealership looking at a December 2010 deal, we got screwed by their method of salesman sell the vehicle then hand you over to a different person in a seperate office for the extras. 


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