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Installing Steelmate 386m to Toyota echo


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Hello Guys,I got toyota echo 1999 with central locking.I bought steelmate 386m central locking kit from jaycar.I managed to get it working on the driver side only by connecting the blue and green wires to the actuator and it work.Question are,what are the use of 4 remaining wires on the actuator?I connected all wires from the Unit but not working.The actuator is 6 wire system.Manual key lock/unlock all door on the driver side.Anyone have done it before?Any help greatly appreciated.thanks

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Hi!Finished this project today.Isolate the central locking module and disconnected all the wires and plug attached to it.Havent wired up the lights but its for another day.Satisfied and happy with it.Wife wont be using too much of a key locking/unlocking the door.Save few dollars there.Good luck to everyone!

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Very poor documentation with the Steel Mate 386M.  You need to be savvy to figure it all out.

I already had central locking on my 80 Series Landcruiser and just wanted the 386M for the remote.  But, as with many cars, my actuators activate when earthed.  So, they are activated when receiving a falling voltage, whereas the 386M sends a rising pulse.  So, I fitted a relay to each of the green and blue outputs of the 386M to invert them.

I also fitted a beeper instead of flashing the indicators, which avoids running cables and finding the indicator connections.

Apart from the documentation  it's seems like a good product.


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