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2011 Hilux dash lights


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My apologies for bringing this topic up again. I raised it in here about a year ago but so far, still no success.

The instrument cluster in my 2011 SR is almost impossible to read at a glance in daylight and even running on daytime headlights in the hope of reading the speedo or odometer at a glance is also next to hopeless, taking a good few seconds to re-adjust the eyes after looking out the windscreen . The speedo is so recessed in to the cluster that outside daylight puts the whole thing almost in to its own shadow, despite the vehicle lights being ‘on’ in an attempt to mame things brighter. No dimmer adjustment either with the fixed setting being only about 2/3rds brightness.

For the life of me I will never understand why Toyota let such a comparably expensive vehicle be sold without having either a brighter fixed dash illumination, a brightness control (it has neither of these) or a decent cluster illumination setup, such as IS in the SR5. 

Toyota have apparently finally ‘seen the light’ in their 2014 and following models and HAVE given the SR a decently illuminated dash, not before time either because the previous SR models are next to useless in daytime.

Does anyone know of a simplified method of either making the dash lighting much brighter or if the 2014 (or the SR5) dash cluster will interchange with the 2011 model.


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Now without being too for-see-tious…..   (Facetious)  - perhaps some multifocal glasses might be in order….?    :lol:


What about some high intensity LED replacement globes like these = https://www.narva.com.au/categories/lighting/globes_auxiliary/dash_panel/l_e_d_dash_panel - you would just need to check the globe type behind the dash unit to see if they are wedge type globes - most are but best to check.    They are available in different intensities / brightness, / colour temp etc.



Is the white background dash available as an option on that model?



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Thanks Gary, Yep, those options were my first thought and may very well be my next move,... ONCE i find out how to remove the speedo/gauges cluster first of course and then get in behind for a look. Thats where Ive wondered if the same year 2011 SR5 dash would drop straight in....and plug atraight in. (IF I could find a SR5 cluster of course and even that has been a hopeless task so far).

Apparently there IS a way of connecting up a dimmer switch in to the purpose included blank spot on the lower right of the dash but I've yet to find that one out. I believe that some of the wiring loom, including ths dimmer,  DOES have blanked off wires,..blanked off for the SR but naturally used in the SR5. (70’s Ford used to do that between their Falcon 500 and their Fairmont models.)

I'll see if I can remove the dash cluster.


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You're lucky - its evil weather here today so a bit of time to hide from the heat….

Not sure if I have the exact model on your vehicle but try these links  -

Looks like the dash part No is no longer available =  here https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/hilux-4runner-truck-42451/kun26-55710/kun26r-urmsyt-935177/meter-18018442#/il-416755148-10435416-10435416  P/No 83800-F0G21

Dimmer switch is here - https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/hilux-4runner-truck-42451/kun26-55710/kun26r-urmsyt-935177/switch-relay-computer-18018454#/il-416755351-6602181-6602181

item 14 - P/No 84119-0K010

you would need to establish if there is also a relay or other electronics behind there but often as you say its just left out for different models so maybe all that’s needed is the switch assy?? - maybe….

Once you have confirmed part no's try these guys -


delivery is a bit slow because its all shipped ex Japan or UAE but I have used them for odd parts & find them to be good.

& I guess the obvious question - have you tried a Toyota specific wrecker for a dash panel in white (what model is that…??? - mythical?) you'll need a set of blue LED under body lights to go with that…..

How bout one of those groovin head up display gizmos

& one last possible - these guys might make one for you - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Plastic-WHITE-DIALS-Toyota-Hilux-Surf-97-04-gauge-dash-tacho-speedo/153166190357?hash=item23a96a9715:g:sGYAAOSwHPlWgB1U:rk:5:pf:0



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