Greg Conroy

Water in drivers side foot well

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I have a 2009 Toyota Kluger KXR 4x4 and I have lots of water leaking from the Airconditioner into the inside of the car into the drivers side foot well. We have only just had the Evaporator replaced only weeks ago at a cost of $1200 and now this has happened, we took it to another mechanic when this happened as we were out of town. That machanic said the hose had come off the evaporator because the clamp was not put back on the hose to the evaporator. I contacted the original machanic and told him what I was told about the clamp missing. He was adamant that there is no clamp suposed to be on that hose and it must be something else causing the leak.

Can anyone tell me if this is true or not please should there be a clamp there or not.????

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My wife arrived home last night to tell me the 2010 Kluger had water in the drivers side footwell. I checked and a significant amount of water was found. Nothing checked just yet too hard to look in this weather but I will check the air con and reply soonest.


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