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Alloy wheels / Air Intake - 1993 Csi Ltd ae94


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Hey all,

New here on the Forums.
I own a 1993 Toyota Corolla Csi Limited AE94 model (not AE92).
Seeking some help with 2 problems.

Alloy Wheels
I'm wanting to switch to second hand 14' alloys. I'm pretty lost, because I'm coming across new terms like offset, etc..
I know I have a 4x100 bolt pattern on 14' Steel Wheels.
What information do I need to know?
Do you know the specs?

Short Ram Air Intake / Bonnet
I'm installing a new Cold Air Intake system. Short Pipe with about 40° - 45° lateral bend from Throttle Body with filter in roughly same place. Also getting a new Bonnet - current one is a 'bit bumpy' from bit from a bingle. I will install a small wide Scoop above/in-front of intake to direct Ram Air (also walling interior) in and use Old Bonnet as a test run, avoiding framework. I came across one on ebay with Chrome Piping, Housed Heat Shield and Brackets. Any objecting views on this? Anything I should know about VIC legislation?  Wanting to keep it legal.

For those that don't own this model, AE94 is a 30 year old card that was a LTD edition. I'm finding it really hard to come by parts here - wreckers, gumtree, FB, etc.. This is why I've come up with Air Intake idea, and also a fun thing to do. Stock Air Intake is as small as a kids wrist facing Ram Air direction from behind front light with 1cm clearance in-between. There isn't another route for Short Piping a Cold Air Intake away from Engine Block or OHC.

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