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1991 sv21 camry headligh


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Hi so i have a 1991 camry/apollo i am having trouble with what i think is the high beam in my headlight so in the main head light i have the normal low beam but there is a 2 light next to the main but it doesnt turn on and no power goes to it iv checked all fuses all are good what else can i do 

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Are you saying that one headlight isn't getting power or both ? Fuse ok. and If so, then your headlight relay could be bad. If you turn on your headlights via the stalk then you can measure 12v DC across the pin socket which powers the relay. If you pull the relay, it will show you the pin designation for the coil which energises the relay and pulls the normally open contacts in.

Just orient the relay to the socket and you should be able to figure out the power supply pins in which to measure. If you have 12V DC, then your relay is bad.

You can also feel it 'click' when you insert it back  into the socket. You must have the headlights activated first to perform this test. If you don't feel the click despite having the 12V, then it's a bad relay.

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