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Head unit not working after battery replacement


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Hi Partyenema I would suggest reading the Yaris pages lots of people have had the same issue and posted threads in the Yaris section

Good Luck


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If it lasted this long, it's a miracle. Factory head units are a pile of junk. If you can't get it to reset then you'll have no choice but to replace it unfortunately. That's the biggest let down by Toyota, their crappy head units. The one in my Aurion started to play up as soon as I purchased the car, and it was only 2 years old mind you, it swallowed a CD and refused to eject it. I had to dismantle half the dash to get the unit out, then dismantle the head unit unit to retrieve the CD, then reinstall the whole crappy thing back in. It's only used for the radio these days and believe it or not, now the touch feature has begun to play up. Touch select won't respond in most cases so you can't access parts of the menu. An Absolute piece of garbage. I have a spare one I purchased a while ago, hopefully it's a bit better than this one.

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Yes Tony I think replacing the head unit is probably the best move over all, you will get a far more reliable and featured unit these days, that way you save your hair being pulled out and far more enjoyment all around. Toyota despite having some of the most reliable fun vehicles around still seem to lack on the head unit side.


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