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understanding diagnostic readings


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I have been trying to hunt down a reason as to why i seem to go through fuel so quickly. Along with a petrol smell entering into the cabin at full throttle acceleration. So after numerous visits to different mechanics to try and get to the bottom of it and being told nothing can be found i bought my own scan tool to see if anything would show. Not that i know what i am looking at, i am trying to track down normal operations for my aurion


At ignition on, Engine not started


Fuel system 1 status OL

Fuel system 2 status OL

Engine coolant temp 77C

Short term fuel trim bank 1 - 0.00%

Short term fuel trim bank 2 - 0.00%

Long term fuel trim bank 1 - 7.8%

Long term fuel trim bank 2 - 13.3%

Intake air temp - 62C

air flow rate MAS 0.50g

absolute throttle pos 18.4%

oxygen sensor voltage 0.015V

Short term fuel trim B1-2 99.2%



Engine started

long term fuel trim  bank 1 - 7.8%

long term fuel trim bank 2 - 13.3%

short term fuel trim bank 2 - 5.5%

intake air temp 56C

MAF air flow rate 3.29g/s

absolute throttle pos 14.9%

oxygen sensor current b1-s1  0.00ma

oxygen sensor current b2-s1  -0.05ma

catalyst temp bank 1 and 2 sensor 1   263C

catalyst temp bank 1 and 2 sensor 2  125C

control module voltage 13.38v


Dont really know what im looking at but maybe someone here can tell me if those readings are any good?












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I just took it to another mechanic who seem to be a bit more knowledgeable about these things so he actually witness my fuel gauge dropping fluctuate and go back up again he said all that is it the sending unit on the way out he said it's not really much of a concern at the moment overtime obviously it will deteriorate but he said it they can last for a long time like that without causing much harm as long as I'm getting the actual fuel that's in the tank it should be fine for a little while.


As for the smell I'm getting on hard throttle coming into the cabin he said it is a common thing on the cars and it's not what you may think it is. He showed me on the back of the firewall there's foam supposed to cover the fumes coming into the cabin and he discovered that the foam in mine has shrunk and there is a hole there and all I have to do is put some foam in there



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