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Hybrid car performance up hills

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I've driven a hire toyota hybrid just a few times and was impressed and fascinated so planning to get one from my new work car.

Every day after my urban and sub urban driving, i drive 30 mins along a flat matorway then I have windy incline for 300m elevation weaving passed trucks into the mountains for 10 mins before I arrive home.

I currently have a 150kw engine hatch that I feel safe and comfortable changing lanes and getting well positioned ascending up this part of the mountain

The corolla cross hybrid I was looking at replacing my current work car gets up to about 140kwatts with the 2.0L and and electric engine combined which seems great.

I was just wondering if i drive 30mins straight motorway on the flat 100lm/hr before the mountain, and there is no regeneration on the battery - how much the electrical engine would kick in and boost power me up the hill?

I would want more than the 110kWatts from the sole 2.0L engine in the corolla cross to be safe and comfortable.

I notice on the hire hybrids i drove - there was always plenty of charge that remained in the battery no matter how long and flat i drove, so I was wondering if this would be drawn on in high demands such as boosting acceleration?

I haven't had the opportunity to drive a hybrid into the mountains to see yet so would appteciate others with knowledge and experience to let me know what they think.




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Wanted to add boost as it is a term used with regard to hybrids
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