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Car stumbling on cold idle


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I have a 1997 camry (3vzfe) that stumbles on cold start, its supposed to go to 2k then drop to 1k after warming up but that's not happening. After its fully warmed up it idles fine at around 1k.

Ive tried cleaning the throttle body, IAC(Replaced it after cleaning didn't work), air intake hoses, filter. but still I am getting the same issue.

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Why is my car misfiring when cold?

Suspect a loose connection/weak power supply to either the fuel injector or the ignition coil when temps are cold. Use noid light or test light to check the signal from engine computer to injector and to the coil when misfire is present. If both are firing/working correctly, inspect for cylinder damage/low compression.20 Feb 2021

When weather is cold it starts and misses for a minute or 2


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Engine hunting and surging at idle is usually caused by a fuel delivery, air leak, or governor system problem. Cleaning/overhauling the carburettor, adjustment of the governor, and/or changing the air filer may be required.


Why does my engine's RPM seem to fluctuate (runs rough)?

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https://www.vanguardpower.com › faqs › browse › wh...

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