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Stereo Install


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Today i went to Strafthfield Car Radio to inquire about getting my old system into my new corolla

Things i need,

. Din Pocket

. Amp Kit

That is all..

I was quoted $250 - Is this to much??

Any good places around Parramatta/hills area that wont rip my pockets out.

I'm confident of doing it my self, but with the car being less then 1 week old, i would rather have someone else have the burden of knowing they cant screw up

Input guys, Thanks


EDIT: Sorry, i forgot to add. The install is a HU, 2ch amp and a sub

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DONT GET IT DONE AT Strafthfield Car Radio!!!!!!!!!!!

just DIY it, or get a fellow member to do it for ya. you can bet it will be better than ANY dodgey Strafthfield Car Radio job

i'm in teh blue mountians, but hey, i dont mind a drive

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i remember seeing a corolla din +pocket kit in strathfield costing 50 bucks, but i didnt like the look of it... but it may be all you are looking for though. its made specifically for our current model rollas so you shouldnt have problems fitting it.

theres so much info on these forums that you shouldnt have a problem doing it yourself! unless you just want a professional finish then get them to install if you got the $$$ to burn.

check out jb hifi.. theres 1 in castle hill im sure!?! its near the harvey norman...

id pick jb over strathfield anyday and you can sometimes talk down the price! did that when i bought an ipod + accessories from the mtdruitt store.. pretty sure all jb's do the same thing (if you talk to the right person)

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But with stock HU? How..

mate if you speak to the lads at the shop that helped you out the first time they should be able to hook you up some how.

How old is your rolla?

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less then 24hrs old :P

Let me explain my self better.

Yesterday i picked up my Levin, and learned that instead of the old 6 Stacker MP3, this has bluetooth included. After learning that, i want to try and run my sub of the Stock HU. I know it can be done, and i know that it doesnt sound as good as a new HU, but any help would be Tops

Thanks!! :yahoo:

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ah now that better but sorry mate my tech knowledge is limited to a box of corn flakes with milk not the bowl lol.

But im sure on of the Toyota tech on here will help you out as i am sure you can do it to i just thought about doing the same thing but then bought all new better louder bassier stuff so when i run out of fuel i can bounce down the road hehe!


Good luck on that note!

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All you need to do is buy an amp with whats called "speaker level inputs", then you wire into the amp from the rear speakers and use it to run the sub.

Doesnt sound as good but will work if all you want is a little more power down low. maybe a 10" or a low powered 12".

But talk to the guys at jbhi as to what they can do on the price. normally quite competative

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a speaker level input "high/low converter" converts the hu speaker wires to RCA which u can connect to the amp... shouldn't cost much maybe $15

yea since the car is brand new i wouldnt recommend DIY unless u'r good at it... but $250 seems allot to install an amp n sub... try Pulse Audio in Fairfield (it's on Hamilton rd just east of the traffic lights with Boulevarde rd (for reference)) they do cheap installs... n for a DIN pocket i bought one for a friend for $15 from Fairfield Car Radio (don't know the name of the street)

oh n i'll ALWAYS recommend JB hifi over Strathfield... u can bargain with them... never pay for the price they're asking

out of curiosity what amp n sub r u planning on running?

but i would recommend getting a 4ch amp and running splits up front and a sub at the back using the front output off the HU to run the amp

my 2c

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I have been reading on CAA, and have learnt about the LOCs and etc, forget the other one. Also searched and found Azza is using this as well.

To get a pro to do it, how much am i looking ?

I already have Sub (12" 800w Pioneer) and a 300w Pioneer amp **From last car**

I also have Pioneer 6850, but like i said, i really want to keep the stock head unit, loving this blue tooth


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You are better off paying a forum member who has done this before over getting someone from Strathfield or JB to do it for you IMO.

Ive worked at both JB and Strath. Trust me when i say this, they can both have average installers or decent. The way it is these days, its hit and miss. But most do a decent job, if your not happy, take it back and ask to speak to the installer (politely). But I know they get a bad wrap from all the bull**** that flies around these forums. Most of it is hear-say.

That being said, id get a GOOD forum member or mate to do it for ya, you can help out and learn how to do it.

BTW ive put a amp & sub in my stivo and it makes a BIG difference compared to stock, but you will get a more profound difference if you went with a new headunit too.

Good luck!

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Thankyou all for the info,

Hexx- What sort of LOC are you using? Whats the bass like, and have you totally lost your rear speakers

I think it was an aerpro brand. Nothing fancy.

The bass is good, adds a lot. But not VERY deep. Heaps of improvement so don't worry.

Didn't notice any loss of power to the back speakers. I connected it in Parallel (from the center pillar before it goes out to the rear door) so there shouldn't be any loss. Just loads up the stock cd player amp.

go for it mate.

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Yep Blue tooth mobile. Ill have to get a pic of the new HU.

Basically faceliffted 6 stacker with built in hands free. HU also has AUX input in the front.

You can see why i want to keep it!!

I went to JB-HI today and got quoted 190$ excluding amp kit.. so that means Installation + Stinger LOC.


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