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  1. I have about 20 URL stickers available in 3 fonts $5 each send me an email don't get on here as much as I'd like
  2. To all Peter's friends I'm truly overcome by your overwhelming response. Your condolence message have been warm and continuous. Peter's funeral service will be at St Nicholas of Myra Parish Penrith Church this Wednesday, 15th Jan 10.30am 326 High Street Penrith NSW 2750 You all all most welcomed
  3. I'm truly overcome by your overwhelming response. Your condolence message have been warm and continuous. Peter's funeral service will be at St Nicholas of Myra Parish Penrith Church this Wednesday, 15th Jan 10.30am 326 High Street Penrith NSW 2750 You all all most welcomed A message from Richard. Big Pete's father
  4. Jeric Gould-Matienzo looking for yogi

  5. sorry everyone i edited the first post the other day so i thought all the detail were there. but i obviously didnt save my edit. after the national park run if you boys can not re group at bald hill look out at stanwell tops its cool head down to STATION ST STANWELL PARK (when you enter the park follow driveway to the right behind the kiosk to furthest car park.....i will be there its a park on the beach this is where the activities will take place there is a small kiosk too with NO EFTPOS BRING CASH!!!. i personally will be there from 9 onward till activites are done and will head to kiama and kangaroo valley with u. Immediately proceeding the activities and prize give aways....we will send emerson (photographer) out to the end of sea cliff bridge and proceed together accross when he signals us then head to kiama together. Re group at kiama after some pics and then head down kangaroo valley toward the pie shop for coffee etc. sorry for the mix up mark will be cruising those who are not cruising call me on 0405 46 86 22 (mish) i will be at stanwell beach park from 9 drive safe n be good !!! We will be at the stanwell park till about 11, noon at the latest. From there we head down the sea cliff bridge to kiama blowhole. This should be about 1pm. By 2 pm we will go through kangaroo valley to the Robertson pie shop. It's on the corner or Illawarra hwy and jamberoo mountain rd. cruise should be done by 4. Dinner will be discussed over lunch. Any questions ring or msg me. :)
  6. Morning all!! As my attempted edit last week didn't work. Cruise today will leave HEATHCOTE MACCERS @ 830 am. Remember heathcote is about 30 ish minutes out of Sydney so if your running late please call Hiro or mark on 0416642208 if your on the way but a teeny bit late!! When you get to the end of heathcote road it's a T intersection stay in middle lane and go straight yes straight into the maccers carpark. The group will be there waiting with directions and cb channel. Make sure your tanks are more then half for the drive and no eftpos at our event location so please bring cash!! Also there has been a bit of rain this week. The first leg of the cruise is through a national park so full of scrub and wildlife!! The road will be a bit wet to so please don't drive faster then u are comfortable with and don't take the corners hard!! We have been without incident on our annual cruises for over 8 years would like to keep it that way! It is a long weekend and double demerits apply so hooning and or inappropriate behaviour that endangers people will not be tolerated!! We are having a leisurely Sunday drive. It's not a race! Departure from heathcote maccers is 830am if ur running late its ok please don't rush head straight to station st stanwell park I will be there ahead of time. Please drive safe!! Don't forget fuel and cash!! See u in a few hours!!
  7. We on the way now call or MSG either of us if there are questions Maccers car park is full for mini meet so we will be in nearby bunnings car park :)
  9. Thanks Castle hill Toyota
  10. M&M 86 has arrived yay

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    M&M 86

    tint All LED lights 6000k HID Day 1 make over
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    M&M 86 is home
  13. please check post #1 for the complete 3 day itinerary i am in the midst of editing it now.
  14. Great to meet some of our new members tonight!! Can't wait for the annual meet now!!
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    M&M 86

    Ship just around the corners :clap: :clap:
  16. GOOD NEWS!!!! I am pleased to announce that MOTHER'S, CASTROL AND ZEN GARAGE are all onboard and supporting our event!! They have been ever so kind to donate prizes to the club at such short notice :D so a HUGE THANK YOU !!! to our sponsors :D * cruise maps and itinerary and details will be up tomorrow still working on a few bits and pieces. The big cruise will be held the sunday now june 9. As the Melbourians would be too exhausted for such a huge day as soon as they arrive. The saturday we will do a mini meet at villawood and mini cruise/ dinner. I have a MASSIVE day planned the sunday so everyone better get a good night sleep the night before :D monday ebfore the melbourne folk go home i was thinking pancakes at the rocks in northmead as a farewell :D Getting excited now !!
  17. Hi boys!! We will be at this meet hopefully we can sit down for a coffee and chat about what's installed for the annual national meet :D Feedback ideas or suggestions most welcomed :D
  18. we have untill the weekend to decide on a design so
  19. HI ALL!!! Due to our Annual National Meet next month i thought i would order new club shirts, stickers and caps depending on what everyone wants. This will be a great time to meet everyone catch up and save on postage costs! A: B: C: D: E: F: LOGO: PREVIOUS STICKERS: CAP: