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  1. Confirmed the Progress one via Youtube already and concerning the front strut brace look into Ultra Racing products. I got one for the Altis and it fit perfectly. Look at something like this. Honestly they are so frickin strong and meaty it will make that other one your looking at seem like a toy from the EKKA (I see your from QLD too). Feel free to come and check mine out first. I'm in Wilston.
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    From the album: HatchBlack

  6. Thanks Dave. The best I can find is this Beatrush one from the States. Also concerning the Ultra Racing products do all of the Corolla Altis 02+ products fit our Stivo's? I just wanted to double check before I lay down any mula for them...
  7. Any leads where I can get a rear strut bar from? I'm having trouble finding one...