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  1. well its time to say goodbye to our ST204, Mrs has decided that its time for a family car with more room. This is the 3rd celica that has been owned by the Mrs, st162,st184 and the st204, Has been a good car, only major problem was the dizzy, died twice, otherwise been very reliable, In the process of pulling out all the upgraded stuff, stereo, bluetooth,alarm etc. Will still be on the forum, help out when I can, has been a good source of info and leads for parts, Thanks guys
  2. the sound you heard was probably the engine pinging from being too hot.When its too hot the engine will loose power. I would suspect you could have a faulty themostat of possibly a blocked radiator, hopefully it hasnt blown the headgasket. A easy check to do is when the engine is at operating temp check the top and bottom hoses, If 1 is hot and 1 is cold you have a thermosat/ radiator issue. Dont drive it until you get it sorted or you will do more damage
  3. does it have a overdrive button on the t bar? If the overdrive is off, there will be a "OD off" light on the dash
  4. if its not using too much oil, blowing smoke or making weird noises, dont touch it. Just keep it serviced, If it aint broke, dont fix it
  5. good news on the towbar. With your spot lights, wire them up to work off hi beam. Get a feed from the headlight switch for hi beam, run it to 1 side of you switch, then from the other side of the switch, run it to the signal terminal on the relay. This way they will only work only when on hi beam but you can switch them on and off also. Legally that is the way they should be wired
  6. bump, still available if anyone interested
  7. sorry dude if you found my post offensive, Theres nothing wrong with your jack and stands. Yes your jack is rated fine for the weight of your car, It just lacks the height you need thats all. I used to have the same problem, I finally had enough and bought a bigger jack, But I do use it nearly every weekend being a mechanic myself so it payed for itself straight away. For you who uses it every once and a while yours is perfectly fine, and good for you trying to do it yourself. should be more of it.
  8. unfortunatly those smaller jacks are only pretty good for small jobs like changing tyres and stuff. You can put a small piece of wood on the jack to get a bit more height but ifs not advisable. You should put your stands on the bottom of the sill panel. there should be a cut out or marking for where you would put your scissor jack. Thats a fairly strong point. Another easy way to get under the car is to drive 1 side up on the gutter and the other side on the road. that should give you enough room under the car. Hope this helps
  9. just looked at your pics, its a flat tounge, looks like a aftermarket towbar too. Yeah your best bet is to go to a towbar place. Last time I bought a towbar tounge it was about $50. With your wiring plug just convert your car plug to 7 pin flat. 90% of trailers are flat plug now anyway, and cheaper than buying a adapter. Easy to wire too, will have instructions on the packet.
  10. supercheap auto have that sort of stuff, or repco. does it have square tounge or flat?
  11. these engines can be a bit tricky to bleed. when you replace the thermostat make sure you remove the dangly thing and put the hole facing the top. Also get your radiator checked, could be blocked. Make sure you get it sorted quick as you will blow the headgasket otherwise.
  12. I would just change the globe, the filiment probably has a slight weak spot in it, If its is a T10 globe, this is very common. Seen it plenty of times with them.
  13. If you level is low I would suggest you have a leak, How often do you have to top it up?
  14. thats a good deal. hopefully you have no radiator support damage, You can drive round drift spec for a while until you get it painted :)