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  1. Lives in Western Suburbs but isn't on the forums.
  2. My cars on latest Mighty Car Mods video! wooho

  3. Just get it cut out from the panel beaters, then take it to an exhaust shop. That's what I did anyway, looks great.
  4. Could be anything man? Take it to a suspension place before your time is up!
  5. Just buy one off of carmate.
  6. Beating v8's? wut? I seriously don't think I would beat a v8 but never tried, anywhoo do you have the problem with shifting first to second? or did you? How did you fix it if you did? Really need some help Duy and I know theres a billion topics lying around.
  7. Selling my BBS Reps in immaculate condition! with tires practically brand new and only been driven on for a week! Asking $400 for wheels and $450 for tires or $800 for both. Wheel Specs: 16x7 4x100 +35 offset (perfect to suit sportivo's) Gold with machined lip. $400 Tires: Nexen Tires 205/50/R16's asking $450 Pick up Melbourne Western suburbs or can be posted/shipped to buyers expense.
  8. Trickey

    linhvo's sx6

    Love Sx6's look sexy as! Good job mate.
  9. Vinyl wrap the sportivo? ^__^ for free..

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      non, no, nana. actually do the roof, it looks nice LOL

    2. Trickey


      Carbon fiber, and why not? I think it would be something different!

    3. jeffy


      wrap looks cheap, better off paint, but since its free why not