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  1. A good body shop should be able to fabricate one for you, an alternative would be a "T" style wing that is adjustable, carbon would look nice against the burnt orange duco.
  2. Cheers mate, will give eBay a look.
  3. Love the black badges and the vinyl wrap. Nice work, where did you get the vinyl from?
  4. My kits have arrived all safe and sound, install next week. DRL's and parking sensors on the cards too. P.S. LOVING my Aurion!
  5. eBay is the best place for aftermarket parts, Thailand also sell heaps of cool aftermarket bits.
  6. Superb!! Have this on the cards for next weekend . Many thanks.
  7. Nice work Shane, any tips on the install, have been told that I may have to remove the front bumper!
  8. I was thinking about usinf SMD LED bulbs in the fog lights, any suggestions for the parkers? Have heard they are a bugger to change.
  9. So.... took the car into Toyota, they had the thing gor the WHOLE day and could not find the cause of the clunk. Any ideas??? Will have to take it in again next week and they have asked me to eave it with them for 2 days. Will keep you all posted.
  10. Cheers Robbo, will take a quick look today, did you do just your low beams or your spot lights too?
  11. Cheers Jamie, will take a look today.
  12. Hi all, can anyone recommend a store to get a HID Kid for my SX6? Not sure of brand or if Ebay would be an option, have fond them on there for peanuts!! Between $35.00 and $60.00. Thanks, Paul.
  13. Thanks guys, am very much looking forward to my new ride. Collected it 2 days ago and love it so far.
  14. Just picked up my Aurion, only 94K on the clock. Had it for 2 days and am pretty sure that the steering rack is Cactus!

    1. CROCO


      I say your intermediate shaft needs replacing.

    2. PMS79


      Cheers CROCO, I called the dealer and have it booked for tomorrow, the dud on the phone said no replacement was needed (COUGH RUBBISH) and all that it needed was re greasing. Lucky its still under warranty. Any idea of what the intermediate shaft would cost to replace?

      I would love to make sure this is done before the warranty expires.

      The issue I have found is a loud CLUNK when i turn the wheel.

      Thanks for the comment, hugely appreciated.

    3. CROCO


      I think from memory mate,around the $500 mark,that was for my kluger, im not sure for the aurion, I think you can regrease the intermediate shafts on the aurion,someone on might be able to correct me on this, but not on the kluger.

      When the intermediate shaft went on my kluger it would clunk only when turning left or around about.