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  1. I went to a place specialising in replacing car remotes, and--after a lot of messing around and shutting my doors and putting the key in and out--they couldn't figure out which model of remote-device would work for my 2001 Estima MCR40. Does anyone know where I can get one, or which model of car might use the same device? They said many vehicles use the same kind, and if I can tell them which models in Australia might share mine, they can then programme a working remote for me. (My Estima just came with a standard key...no remote for the doors. I've just gotten tired of always using the key to lock/unlock it.) Many thanks in advance. Edit: Ok, so I searched ebay for "estima remote" and found one matching my model. There were a few emails back and forth between the seller regarding my specific model, and then he seemed pretty sure he had one to match. It arrived today, and works perfectly.
  2. So on trying to get my alignment done, I am told my steering system is all seized up and my alignment is majorly out, thus chewing away my tyres. The existing parts are totally seized and apparently no amount of leverage, heat etc will get them apart: thus I am told I need to replace the "steering rack end" and "tie rod end". Neither of these appear in the mechanic's database, and Toyota says they have none, and have never supplied any into Australia. Can anyone recommend a source for such parts, or know of any equivalent model with the same parts? Any help appreciated. Vehicle = 2001 Estima MCR40 Cheers, Mike
  3. I wonder why rear-facing seats are illegal? They are 5 times safer for children, according to some quick googling, and it seems to me they would be safer for everyone in any kind of frontal collision. I can't find anything online via google as everything refers me to child-related laws. Oh well.
  4. See reply below...also I forgot to ask, are the standard "hidden" belts retractable, or how are they stored when not in use? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Ah, thanks so much! It seems my extra/hidden belts have been removed. I found where they should be attached, but there is just an empty bolt hole. Would anyone know: would it be a simply matter to buy a couple of strap belts, same as for the middle seat? Is there a same Tarago belt I could find in a typical store, or would it be something special I would need to order from specialist/overseas etc? This car never ceases to amaze me with all its hidden buttons and gadgets and gizmos!
  6. Personally, I love my Estima, but every mechanic I have taken it do has told me to steer clear of import vehicles. I've only had to replace two things, and both were headaches. A new windscreen proved difficult to find, and they ended up gluing my old one back in after taking it out (I forget why it was supposed to be replaced). Now I dread ever having a chip in case I need to replace it. I had to replace the timing belt, and that took 6 weeks to find the right one in Australia, so all that time I was without a car. (Mine is a 2001 Estima MRC30, so maybe it is harder for older vehicles...not sure about yours.)
  7. Having owned my Estima MCR30 for over 2 years, I accidentally discovered the front-most back seats actually rotate, so that passengers can face backwards; however, once in this position they can no longer don their seatbelts. (The seatbelts are now across the door opening from the passenger, and cannot be drawn across the passenger in any practical way, as far as I can tell.) Does anyone know if there is some way to adjust the seatbelts so people can travel in this position, or are the backwards-facing seats only for increasing storage capacity or something like that?
  8. I looked about 2 yrs ago and could not find one anywhere. The closest was a website (I now forget which one) which specialises in translating import car manuals from Japanese. You had to pay $50 or so, and when they get about 200 interested people they go ahead and translate it. When I looked, very few people had registered their interest for that translation. Sorry to be so vague, but some web searching might bring up the website I found at that time, or something better/newer.
  9. Just went to check the spare tyre on my 2001 Estima MCR30, and I can find no way to get it out. I just can't figure out how to remove the bracket that keeps the tyre in place. The only thing my mechanically minded neighbour can think of, is that a new rear bumper might have been installed, possibly covering a crank hole? Can anyone possibly explain how the spare tyre might be removed? Secondly, the rear seats don't seem easily removable, but I have been surprised by this vehicle before...hidden buttons and levers and all sorts of devices. Does anyone have seats that ARE removable and could let me know how it is done on theirs, or if removing non-removable seats is not a giant job, perhaps give me some pointers (I plan to go camping for a week or so, and the spare room in the back would be useful.) Many Thanks, Mike
  10. Yeh, I finally had to take it to a mechanic. He said there was no way it was coming off without power tools, so whoever serviced the vehicle last did a fine job of tightening it up.
  11. I have about 130k on my 2001 Estima, and I noticed the timing belt is marked with a big "change at 150,000km". I've heard they are difficult to change and cost a lot to get done as they are difficult to reach due to engine placement. Anyone have any experience or advice?
  12. Just started worrying I am doing it wrong: My Estima has a button near the ignition that depicts the four wheels and is marked with the word "auto". When pressed, a matching symbol illuminates on the dash. I am guessing the correct way to drive for the majority of the time is with the light off, with the "auto" mode only being needed under certain situations, my reasoning being that most lights come on when something is in an unusual state--although, maybe letting the car do something automatically is better? Could anyone possible confirm which it should be? Cheers in advance, Mike
  13. The oil filter on this vehicle is rather evil to reach. The only way seems to be to reach up through a tiny gap underneath the vehicle, and as such there is not enough room to get a filter wrench onto it or get any decent purchase. Anyone have any advice? Much appreciated. Mike
  14. So thanks for those people that helped me work out that my new purchase is a 2001 MCR30 Estima rather than the stated Tarago ACR30R GLi. I do have a bit of a follow-up question... The vehicle has central locking, active only from the driver's door (locking that door locks all doors, but locking another door only locks that particular door), but it only came with a single immobilser key...no remote for locking the vehicle at all. I asked at Deering Auto Electrics, and they quoted me $175 to install a remote receiver (not including the cost of the remote itself), but when I asked at another auto-electricians, they said it was impossible and I'd have to get official Toyota products installed if they even available...a generic remote/receiver from Jaycar or wherever would not suffice. I've found a few articles on the web about this, but they are all either outdated, or not for my exact vehicle. Would anyone be able to clarify my situation? Can I install a generic remote/receiver system to operate the central locking or not? (Getting an answer from someone here in the know will certainly save me a lot of bother running around--and perhaps being charged by--the various autoelectricians.) Cheers in advance, Mike