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  1. So I have started to face this issue of sluggish/slow acceleration with my 2ZZ-GE AE80, I changed the fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned lift solenoid but same issue persisted. I went from 97RON to 92RON fuel for some reason and all of a sudden the car does not hesitate during acceleration, what can be the problem. Car used to have popping sound from exhaust before there was this issue. Note: Water temp goes to 101ish and 2zz knocks due to 92RON while it never knocks or temperature never goes above 100C on 97 RON.
  2. Just in case someone is facing the same issue, try this: Final update, issue now has been resolved. What's interesting is how it got solved. Me and my brother took it to the diagnostics guy who also did the wiring for me and asked him to service it for us. He cleaned the throttle body which didn't solve the problem. He removed the intake pipe and reassembled which also didn't solve the problem, finally he asked us to try the other MAFs he had in stock which we did but still were facing the same issue. Finally out of frustration we asked him to just wrap it up as we were getting no where,
  3. Yes, I had diagnostic conducted and not a single value was off but that was when I changed the battery and every thing was smooth for about a week. Plugs were pulled, they are Denso VK20 didn't appear bad. Do you reckon if a tooth is skipped the car will run (especially for 5 to 10 min until the engine has warmed up)?
  4. Latest update: Hesitation at low rpm (constant throttle) has again started to occur, when car is below 2.5k rpm and is kept at constant throttle it starts hesitation. No issue at wide open throttle. Also it doesn't happen in first 5 minutes when the car is started. Symptoms: 1. Black smoke 2. Hesitation (at low rpm and constant throttle) 3. Misfire (at times)
  5. So finally good news 2ZZ AE80 was lately facing same bogging down issue at low throttle and was emitting black smoke despite lowering the fuel pressure from 50 to 45 psi. Last week I changed the battery, tucked some wiring near fuse box to bring an intake pipe from underneath the fuse box (FOR COLD AIR) and repaired the exhaust as it had a leak. Next thing is there is no black smoke, no hesitation at low revs and mileage has gone up. Any justification for this??
  6. Well, yes it bogs down at low throttle but at WOT it drives totally normal but bogging issue doesn't happen all the time, like today I was facing the bogging down issue at low throttle so I drove for a km or two and turned off the car, on restarting it the issue had gone and didn't recur in my 20km drive. Similar thing happened to me yesterday.
  7. So what i've read is 2zzge has to have minimum 205psi. Also is there anyway to check if it's an exhaust valve or intake valve without opening the engine head. I'll do that camshaft check.
  8. Hey! So this Saturday I had a run with a 4age Toyota Ceres, was ahead by two cars' length in third gear (145kph) and mistakenly shifted to second gear instead of fourth gear , RPM went beyond 9k. Instantly I shifted to neutral and took it to the side. Now gear wouldn't shift while clutch pedal felt normal and engine was vibrating as if one ignition coil was not working. All the bad imagination comes rushing in since 2zzge isn't known to handle overrevs so well due to it's weak oil pump and also that it's an interference engine. So I put the car in neutral and ask some friends to push start the
  9. That is awesome, how much hp it's putting down? Any pictures or videos. Thanks.
  10. Yes, of course gear ratios are very short on top of that having 190hp in 950kg chassis it has decent performance overall. But if it's shear power you are looking for; 3sgte with LSD is a way to go. Some people say it's heavy for FF layout but so is all time favourite k20. A friend has killed so many Hondas (including built k20) from his 3sgte KE70 with almost zero mods. 2zzge - 115kg 3sgte - 205kg k20 - 185kg Thanks mate.
  11. So I ended up putting 2zzge considering it's light weight and NA reliability. Installed parts include: 1. 2" inch downpipe with 1.2" stock headers 2. By-pass FPR to account for returnless fuel rail (Pressure set at 50PSI) 3. 255lph walbro fuel pump 4. 195/55R15 BBS RS 8j Yokohama DBs 5. Foha GT spoiler 6. AE101 DISCs & brake drums 7. Tein AE101 coilovers 8. Java Black Pearl Paint
  12. Hey guys, I'm about to modify my AE80 Corolla. It's been neglected for quite some time due to lack of capital. Kindly point out the issues with my to-do list, list is as follows: 1. Full body work. 2. Paint Java Black pearl (Subaru's 18L). 3. Engine 2ZZGE or 3SGTE, they are costing same. (Kindly point out issues). 4. Tires 195/55R15 or 205/50R15, which one is going to be better. 5. Bucker seats and other interior work. 6. Lowering springs. *Both engines are available at $1000, will swapping 3sgte ruin it's handling/braking or driving dynamics because it's hea

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