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  1. I found a video on YouTube using the service door:
  2. Anyone in the Brisbane area found a mechanic to replace a water pump at a reasonable price?
  3. Someone qualified to inspect and repair it.
  4. After my post a year ago, the lag has become significantly more noticeable. As stated by many others, it's while on first drive of the day. Anyone have anything new they can share? Maybe a suggested mechanic in the Brisbane area.
  5. I think I was previously counted, too. I'm not going to be buying one.
  6. BOOM! I decided to try the ODB programming tool on eBay, along with a FOB I found there. I was able to add another FOB for less than $200. I still need to get the key cut, which I was told could be done for a bout $38. The instructions on the eBay listing (See link above) didn't work but I did end up getting it to work. I simply plugged in the ODB module, I sat there rereading the instructions and it went through the beeps without me using the START button; all within 10 secs. The SEC light starting blinking, I placed the two FOBs on the START button within five seconds of one another, waited
  7. Thanks for replying! I'm interested in the 10" Android model: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/Specific-Car-GPS/Toyota/GB5502.html
  8. Really? No one has access to technical documents on these cars? No one is a mechanic for Toyota? No one has an older version of Satnav Maps?
  9. Does anyone have any documentation or drawings for '08 Aurion Presara electrical or CANBUS? Secondly, My Satnav is on v14. If anyone has a newer version they'd like to move let me know. Finally, anyone successfully added remote start to a Toyota with push-to-start?
  10. I don't see how a grease kit is going to take-up the play in the steering that I'm feeling.
  11. Just purchased an 08 Presara with v14 Maps. Anyone have a newer version they would like to sell?
  12. Did you ever find a solution for this? A local car audio shop should be able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise, visit a car audio foum like http://www.caraudio.com.au/forums/ and maybe someone there can assist.
  13. Have you found a solution for this? I have an ODB2 Bluetooth module I purchased for about $12, shipped on eBay. Like this one: http://r.ebay.com/DmBka1; originally I purchased it for my Mercedes.

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