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  1. Thanks Mervin. Same as mine. I can rule that out then. Much appreciated.
  2. I have GSU45R AWD Grande 2007 with side steps, nudge bar, roof racks. Using Caltex fuel I was getting terrible results (even their premium) I changed to BP 95 and it is way better. Do remember that if you start / stop and wait at lights often in your drive, the econo will start to creep up. Mine is on 13.9 this morning but traffic was a bit backed up (Adelaide backed up that is) Cheers Hi Mervin, Out of curiosity, what RPM's does your engine idle at? Mine idles at just under 750rpms, which seems high, but might be totally normal.
  3. I have stayed quiet on this topic for a couple of months as I have been collecting more data on my fuel consumption. Unfortunately my findings are pretty disappointing. Over the last 2 tanks of 95 octane Caltex fuel, with little to no highway driving, I have manually calculated my fuel consumption at 18.5L per 100km. Again, I own a 2011 AWD Grande with no after market stuff that would negatively affect my results. It's pretty awful results, but does reflect I live in a very hilly suburb and don't drive on the highway much. So there is where I landed. Would be interested to hear other AWD owners who see the same results.
  4. Hi Warren, I agree. Toyota told me it would cost almost $1000 to get the new shaft installed. A mechanic brought this to my attention. I thought it would be worth a shot as he suggested that the steering systems between the Kluger/Highlander and Rav4 would be very similar. He was right. The only question is will this need to be done frequently. The guy in the video said he had driven 6000 miles (not km's) and hadn't had the issue reoccur. Even if it needs it every 3 months, it takes 10 minutes and cost me $20 for the oil and 10 needles. That would last me 2.5 years at that pace. Not bad for $20!
  5. Hey Barn, I can say now on a new tank of fuel that the difference after cleaning the Throttle Body and MAF is significant. Great advice! Thanks for clarifying about the butterfly valve being open. Again. Much appreciated. T
  6. Hey everyone, This issue has been solved in the US by a Rav4 owner and it works on a Kluger. I did it yesterday and I can verify 100% that it has solved the steering clunk issue in my 2011 Kluger. I bought WD40 Specialist Wet PTFE lubricant from Bunnings and diabetic syringes from a local chemist. I have little to no experience working with cars, so don't think this is difficult. It isn't. Be warned that he goes on a rant about religion right at the end.
  7. Just as an update for anyone interested, I can confirm that my RPM's when the Kluger is idling has gone down from 850 to 650 since I cleaned the throttle body and MAF (Mass airflow sensor). The MAF is incredibly easy to clean and evidently you should do this after every filter change. The throttle body is a little more involved, but I did both in under an hour and have literally never done anything to a car engine before in my life.
  8. Hi Barn, I followed your advice and cleaned the Throttle Body, and MAF for good measure. Hard to say if it has/will made any difference. The Throttle body was pretty clean, but I did wipe off a reasonable amount of black gunk. Out of interest, I noticed my throttle body didn't close all the way, do you know if that is normal? I could push with my finger and get the throttle body to go flush to the walls of the chamber, but that's not how it normally sits. I wonder if that could be my issue?
  9. Tires are at 40psi and I don't have anything heavy in the vehicle. I will see about working on the throttle body. What were you spraying it with?
  10. So I ended up getting $1400 worth of toyota servicing done, which shockingly didn't included the fuel filter, which still needs to get done and will cost another $900 evidently. Ah the joy of buying used cars..... My consumption is better, but that is likely a product of having driven on the highway since I got it serviced. As this Kluger has no tow hitch, I think we can rule out changed chip settings for extra grunt. They also reset the computer, but it's still showing that that car is consuming 30L/100km when idling at the lights. Very strange. I am going to manually calculate my mileage on this tank and will report back. Just to reiterate, I don't drive hard or aggressively, so we can rule that out.
  11. I have just bought a used 2011 Kluger Grande AWD with 45k kms and am averaging 21.4L/100km! I have done 170km since I purchased it, and filled it up with BP Ultimate 98 off an empty tank. I have also filled each tire to 40psi each. Admittedly I haven't driven on any freeways since the first day and live in a hilly suburb, but 21.4L/100km! I don't drive hard or aggressively, so unfortunately I can't blame it on that. That is 3X more fuel than my previous car consumed and is really holding me back from feeling good about my purchase. The car gets serviced by Toyota tomorrow, and I really hope they can sort this out. I ordered a K & N Filter from the US, as I read they can help with fuel consumption also. Will let you know how I go.
  12. Hi. I have recently come back to the world of Toyota ownership after a 7 year hiatus. In North America, I leased a 2007 Camry Hybrid before moving back to Oz. I have just bought a used 2011 Kluger Grande AWD, and other than horrific 21.4L/100km mileage, the car has been great. The mileage issue is a huge problem for me though and the reason I have joined the forum. Hope to find some answers. It goes in for service tomorrow, and I am really hopeful that will make a difference.