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  1. You need the Toyota Techstream software and a Techstream compatible OBD2 scanner.
  2. There could be a vacuum leak, hence why it affects the braking as well, the brake boost is connected to the same vacuum circuit as the rest of the engine. This could be why you get sluggish launch at low revs, weird brake pedal behavior, as well as bad fuel consumption. The symptoms should go away with higher revs as the manifold pressure normalises. Also with the tranny fluid, it's best that you do a full flush and not a half flush. You want the valve body and the torque converter to be fully drained. It only costs like $200 to do. You could have gunk or air pockets in the valve body.
  3. @nickio Just look on Facebook marketplace or gumtree for second hand ones. I'm sure you can find a set cheap that are in good nick.
  4. A friend's mum just got rid of hers which had around 350,000km on it. The reason is because it started burning oil (blue smoke). I was also told that she very rarely serviced it which was ultimately it's demise. I would say the engine, if properly serviced, could make around half a mill, easy.
  5. Have a look at what are the most common wheel sizes for the available Toyota rims you're looking to get. 215s already have heaps of grip, ever 205s are plenty. Larger side wall will give you a smoother ride, smaller side wall will feel slightly more rigid but more responsive. I'd chose the most common size as it would be cheaper and less hassle to find good rubber for them.
  6. It might be worth checking you mudflaps and mud guards on the passenger side front wheel. What's probably happening is water is being pushed past the mud guard and spraying the floor pan and fire wall. Which would eventually find it's way into the driver's compartment and ultimate wet the carpet which will start to rot. I'd start there.
  7. I've looks for firmware updates, but there doesn't seem to be any publicly available. Mine works without any issues so I don't believe it needs one. For the reverse camera, I'm not 100% on this, but I think the camera is just an RCA input. Even if it isn't, it would be very easy to just splice in the correct plug as the video feed will just be analogue. I'd suggest to get a proper camera with infrared capability so you get better night legibility.
  8. I bought a second hand 2010 GSV40 Aurion SX6 which had the factory head unit (the premium one, see photo, but might also work on the standard one) was locked saying "Please contact your dealer". Funny enough I found out a manual override for this by just pressing the mode button on the steering wheel which allowed me to use the head unit, but I digress. The only problem is that the head unit would lock itself every time I shut off the car. For me, this is very frustrating. Though a very small issue, I decided to investigate further. Toyota aren't any help at all. They want me to pay them $70 so they can reset it. A procedure so easy to do yourself it literally takes 30 seconds. So I got my hands on some GSV40 literature and went digging further, but the only thing I found was that if you hold the buttons 1 and 6 together and simultaneously press DISC three times, you will get a diagnostics mode where you can look at DTC codes and get some useful information. However this was only a soft diagnostics mode. So I started trying to do other button combinations to see if I can get lucky, and lo and behold, I hit jackpot. There are actually three "hidden" diagnostic modes that you are able to get into. All three modes can navigated with the corresponding function buttons (the numbers), Seek (up and down) and Menu (to go back). Holding 1 and 6 whilst pressing DISC three times gets you the soft diagnostics mode. Holding 3 and 4 whilst pressing DISC three times gets you a screen and radio diagnostics mode. Holding 2 and 5 whist pressing DISC three times gets you into a firmware diagnostics mode. The firmware diagnostics mode is the one you want. Inside, you will find a option called "All Reset". This option will completely factory reset the head unit, removing any data stores including the security lock. In this mode you can also do firmware updates, version checks and all of that jazz. I really hope that this helps someone here! Cheers! Igor