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  1. magneticpop

    Mud Tires

    Is anyone here familiar with the Nitto Mud Rappler tires? I am planning to buy a set for my 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5. Are they worth the price?
  2. magneticpop

    How do you handle tailgaters?

    I ignore them too. Don't want to waste my time getting angry at ill-mannered drivers.
  3. magneticpop

    RuggedX Tyres & Wheels

    What type of tires are you planning to buy?
  4. magneticpop

    My 83 supra

    Nice. My brother in law has the same model in white.
  5. magneticpop


    Thank you!
  6. magneticpop

    My '06 Toyota Aurion SX6 Sportivo

    What a beauty!
  7. magneticpop


    Hello! My name's Tyler. I drive a 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5.