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  1. Off topic but has anyone put a transmission cooler in? I have bought one some time ago & want to fit it soon. Do you add more oil for the extra capacity of the cooler?
  2. The front strut brace finally arrived and has been on for 6 weeks, It does not make the same difference as the rear bar or 245 18's but it does help. The car handles way better than stock now. Looking at Caster urethane bushes, double offset next. I am happy with the struts & springs at 120k at this stage.
  3. I have had the rear Ultra racing 19mm sway bar on for 2 weeks & highly recommend it. I too want to stick to stock struts as well, a great improvement in body roll with the sway bar.
  4. I have an ATX, I just put the Ultra racing rear sway bar on & you do notice a definite difference, not as much as the tyre and wheel upgrade but it sits flatter through corners and roundabouts. I could not fit the strut brace as they sent the wrong one. Ultra Racing are getting their new batch in this month so I will fit it as see if it makes any difference.
  5. I have just bought the Ultra racing Strut Brace & 19mm Rear Sway bar & about to fit them. I am already running 18x8 245/40/18 Tyres. I am interested in the double offset kit. I am about to fit the Brace & Sway bar to see the difference.

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