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  1. Camry RWD conversion

    Toyota Chaser Anyone?
  2. Removal of rear engine mount v6 1998

    $300 - $400 is fair, $1000? I think he's taking you for a ride. For those you wanted to change rear engine mount: Jack up the car and put it on car stands. You have to remove the right hand axle which involves axle nut, brake caliper, rotor and lower strut assembly which is held by 2 nuts and 1 bolt (all 17 mm). Place your car jack under the engine, use a piece small piece of wood for padding, apply a little bit of force. just so that it takes a little bit of weight so you can undo the main bolt (17 mm bolt) between the engine mount and the bracket which is attached to the SUBFRAME. To remove the bracket on the SUBFRAME there are 4 x 14 mm nuts, the two at the front are exposed, behind nuts are covered by black 2 plastic grommets which was needed to be removed so you can gain access to the nuts, you need 14 mm deep socket to remove them. There should be just enough room for you to remove the bracket afterwards. With the bracket removed, it leaves your engine amount behind with the axle still attached. There are 4 x 14mm bolts which holds your rear engine mount to the block. See if you can undo the bolts with the axle still in place otherwise you might have to remove the whole axle by undoing a circlip next to the axle centre bearing so you could tap it out off the engine mount bearing housing (remember to undo a 12 mm bolt right under the axle centre bearing which holds it in place). Installation is just the opposite. When I did mine recently, I bought the engine mount from TOYOTA for $105 inc GST. You could buy the rubber bit separately for 60 -70 dollar and have it press in, I think that's a hassle. Cheers from money saver,
  3. advice req. re transponder ignition key

    Eventhough, this is an old post however the information was very helpful, much appreciated. It helped me to resolve my wife's car ignition barrel issue, cheers Hayden. PS, MR minnit can't program toyota ignition key, I've asked?