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  1. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    Actually looks like both products are exactly the same.
  2. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    Ooh excellent, I did not pay attention to this product at all. Good to know that it is sold here as well. I don't mind to spray my wheels to get another few years out of them. Last weekend I did my tire rotation, my front wheels were pretty worn out, and the rear wheels where just as new. Now car drives much better. I have Bridgestone Turanza, 119k on them. I think in the video he is referring to "AEROSPACE PROTECTANT" the one sold in Autobarn
  3. Just came across this video: What do you think? Do we have somethings similar here in Australia? I never heard of "303 Aerospace Protectant"...
  4. Cabin air filter - which one?

    This is very heavy used, looking filter, spraying with a garden hose, I don't think would be enough. I would soak it in some kind of antibacterial soap or spraying it with Glen 20 or something similar. Also can soak it with vinegar. ---> Cheap does not mean bad at all. Especially for all these different types of paper/fabric filters. You need just to know from where to get it. The original Toyota filter are not made from any kind of special material either. And here is the same thing just with Wesfil logo. Ryco filters used to be Australian made, now it all made in China or Indonesia. The cost of filters can be related to advertising budget. But if you don't mind to spend a little bit more and feel better, why not, get Ryco or something similar. I don't like to promote big brands, because they are already known and there is not much excitement about them. I prefer find source, direct from the factory .
  5. Coolant

    Look, I probably would use the original Toyota coolant or ATF if they would be sold in our local SCA or Repco. If I know that the replacement is 90% good as the original and I pay half price compare to the genuine, I feel very happy. ☺ So it is basically convenience getting it from the local store and and amount of money I pay = value for me. Maybe five or ten years ago I would only go with Toyota original supplies but today Toyota's substitute products just as good. And my question is, how many taps I need to open for a complete flash? 1,2 or 3? Initially I thought that it is only one, the yellow plug.
  6. Coolant

    I am getting prepared for the coolant flush, initially I thought that there is only one plug under the radiator (the yellow one) but then came across that there is one more, somewhere in front of the oil pan.... Is that the case? Right now Red Coolant is on sale for $20 long life 8 years on their site it shows 6 but once you go to the shop you find that they sell 8 years long life.
  7. Cabin air filter - which one?

    Well, once you receive it, just let us know about the filter and if you like it or not.
  8. Cabin air filter - which one?

    What was the reason for canceling the order? I have the same filter and very happy with it.
  9. Front Bumper

    To get access to those clips you need to remove your wheel first then your wheel arch, it is an easy process it will take you a few hours to fix it.
  10. LED Headlights

    I got recently LED lights for my Aurion and can highly recommend them:
  11. Cabin air filter - which one?

    Get this one instead:
  12. LED headlights

    Which ones you are looking at?
  13. LED headlights

    Look you are right and I'm with you on this 100%. The same problem goes for cyclists, now everyone got those super bright LED lights on their bicycles. And instead of pointing them downward, they put the light beam straight ahead as result blinding everyone in front. It happens to me all the time, when I go for a run in the evening, along the Yarra RIver, here in Melbourne.
  14. LED headlights

    Those DMEX D5X are very good choice. They give around two times more light output compare to the stock halogen lights. The led fog lights will fit in your ATX with no problem. Just don't expect too much light from them, the amount of light is about the same as stock oem lights but instead of yellow you get white beam. It will not light up the road on its own at night. I think the fog lights are more for decorative purpose than practical. If you get DMEX D5X for $43 USD, when it will be on sale, you will be quite surprised and have a big smile on your face. The fog lights I got on special, the eBay gave me a $20 promotional voucher, so I thought why not. If you decide to buy just wait a bit for Ebay promotion/discounts, like 10%-15% off Ebay store wide. Keep your eyes open on Oz-bargain website for updates.
  15. LED headlights

    Today received LED lights and installed them this evening, to me it has perfect light beam just like the original and it should not blind other drivers. I believe it is made at the same factory as famous LED lights in America Xenondepot, but at half price. For parking lights I got these bulbs and for fog lights I got this. The high beam, I have not changed yet as I am not using it as often, probably get another set DMEX D5X as it is going to be on sale in a few days. I think the DMEX led lights very good and easily could be installed in the fog and highbeam. At the moment I'can't guarantee their longevity, time will tell how long they'll last.