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  1. Another battery suggestion is EXIDE EXTREME X55D23CMF which is the rebranded Supercharge battery and made at the same factory. Can buy either at Kmart or at Costco with a heavy discount.
  2. Has anyone had a chance to drive for at least 7 days in the city area with traffic lights? I don't think anyone can say that their consumption 10L in that scenario. The roadcraft becomes irrelevant. If you look on some European forums, people who live and drive 3.5L engine in the city area only, their real consumption at least 15L and above and during winter time (-15C), it is at least 20L and above. The magic 7.5L, 10L and 12L numbers come when the car driven on the highway. For instance, people who live outside the city and come to work or shopping to the inner city areas and then go back home via highway. Then you get 7.5L on highway and 10L or 12L with traffic lights and bit of traffic jam in the city or busy raods, for half a day. And in the evening you go back home via highway or open road with 8L. For people who live and commute in the city areas 15-18L is normal, the biggest killer is a traffic jam for 3.5L engine, the consumption will just grow bit by bit, day by day.
  3. These pictures from Aliexpress website, could you take some photos from your car and uploaded them here, by any chance?
  4. Once those 3d mats are in they are in.... they are not very convenient to take them out, but easy to vacuum clean or wipe. For the front seats I had some bending issue in the side corner. I was able to fix it withe hair dryer, I heated the area and straightened the corner, the way it should be. Maybe for you it won't be an issue. But if there will be some bending problems just use the hair dryer, the material will flex with the heat and take any shape you want. Sometime Ebay gives some discounts like 10% or 15% off, so that would be the time to get it for a better price....
  5. Try to clean air flow and oxygen filters. And get one of those injector cleaners, It helped me, my consumption was 18+ liters, now around 12 liters. Most of my driving I am doing around the city, constant traffic during the peak hours will gradually increase consumption, especially when you stuck in the traffic for 5-10 min and you drive bumper to bumper. That's what happens in my case.
  6. Excellent!!!! Did you make that video yourself???
  7. Just add 3k more and get this instead:
  8. Yeah, i also was about just to get carpet version, the carpet looks and feels incredibly good.... but then I took a deep thought..... and realised that carpet is very good to touch and feel when it is clean only. With the family we like to go to the beach on weekends and sand always gets inside, so cleaning becomes a long procession. The regular rubber mats look very industrial. So these mats was somewhere in between carpet and rubber.
  9. Ok, here are some photos:
  10. Some of you may know I'm been looking for the floor mats for sometime.... What I found is that the Camry mats will fit perfectly in Aurion, you just need to make sure they don't come with Camry sign, that's what happened to me :))), so I have to return them back. Then while looking for another set of mats I came across 3d mats, it also available in carpet version. I actually went to their warehouse/factory, they also make tailored carpets. So after some comparison I decided to go with their rubber/soft plastic version, as it is just too much effort to maintain carpet. At the end I highly recommend these mats to anyone. They fit perfectly in Aurion. If you pay him cash you he will do $140. You can also read more feedback from Amazon.
  11. something like this: head unit
  12. Ooh, Ok looks like someone already been doing it with good results. How much do you think they may charge for that job, I am in Melbourne could someone suggest a good place for doing that hydrodipping. When I was looking at some of those websites I could not find their pricing list at all.
  13. Just came across water transfer printing, has anyone done something similar: I would not mind to do with mine brown wood and silver inserts panels something similar: From this To these:
  14. try to look up here: