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  1. Just add 3k more and get this instead:
  2. Yeah, i also was about just to get carpet version, the carpet looks and feels incredibly good.... but then I took a deep thought..... and realised that carpet is very good to touch and feel when it is clean only. With the family we like to go to the beach on weekends and sand always gets inside, so cleaning becomes a long procession. The regular rubber mats look very industrial. So these mats was somewhere in between carpet and rubber.
  3. Ok, here are some photos:
  4. Some of you may know I been looking for the floor mats for sometime.... What I found is that the Camry mats will fit perfectly in Aurion, you just need to make sure they don't come with Camry sign, that's what happened to me :))), so I have to return them back. Then while looking for another set of mats I came across 3d mats, it also available in carpet version. I actually went to their warehouse/factory, they also make tailored carpets. So after some comparison I decided to go with their rubber/soft plastic version, as it is just too much effort to maintain carpet. At the end I highly recommend these mats to anyone. They fit perfectly in Aurion. If you pay him cash you he will do $140. You can also read more feedback from Amazon.
  5. something like this: head unit
  6. Ooh, Ok looks like someone already been doing it with good results. How much do you think they may charge for that job, I am in Melbourne could someone suggest a good place for doing that hydrodipping. When I was looking at some of those websites I could not find their pricing list at all.
  7. Just came across water transfer printing, has anyone done something similar: I would not mind to do with mine brown wood and silver inserts panels something similar: From this To these:
  8. try to look up here:
  9. Do you use aircon and music at that time as well???
  10. Thank you all, I'll try all the possible solutions I can...
  11. That time I was not driving much so could not tell much of the difference. To be honest I would not know if chassis is bent or not. There is no damage now, it has been restored and even when I checked the VIN number it all clear with no accident history. Been driving like grandpa, lol ... and if it is around city during the rush ours there not much I can go anyway... I don't know about much eco mode, maybe someone else on the forum would be able to explain what that means. That photo of the average total journey I took when i came back home. My lowest on highway was 8.5L once. I don't have any kind of accessories fitted at all. The only things i did was once I drove on an empty street with a pedal down all the way and when car was on a brake I accelerated the engine I think a bit too much as a result a i got burned rubber smell from the engine. I don't know if that could cause any problem or not.
  12. I was about to replace my halogens bulbs with led ones and just found that they are illegal In Australia... Have anyone replaced their halogens lights with LED ones?
  13. The tire pressure is around 36 psi, I did not check the wheel alignment yet, driving style is just normal driving. I did the OBD scan if did not see any major errors. My next thing would be to change the oil. I am planning to do that with a friend of mine sometime later in March. The car was in the accident before but been restored, where was the damage I would not know and the previous owner did not tell me much as he was telling me he does not know it either. My last trip was around 40 min drive highway and city without too much traffic was around 12L. and the Eco drive shows 32L.
  14. I was just trying to say that for that price, it comes to $15 for a spark plug DENSO IRIDIUM, it would be almost impossible to find something better.