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    I just came across a transmission schematic diagram with all the part numbers for GSV50R, hope it will be helpful to someone....

    My ultimate plan is to remove the pan drain and scrap all ATF then measure and hope it will be around 2.5L - 2.7L, replace with a new filter. Then pour back around 2.7L or the same amount I got in the drain bucket. Take the car for a drive and make sure i don't exceed 2.8L of ATF. Hope that it will do the job.

    Thank you. I will scrap as much ATF from pan as I can :) As far as I can understand, the basic rule of thumb is to stay within the limit and do not exceed 2.8 liters.

    What do you do for that, do you use a special wrench?

    Ok, thank you, that's a good point to know. I just been thinking, if I drain approximately 2.6l to 2.8l with removed pan and new filter and then I put back the exact same amount of ATF. Do I still have to go through the ATF oil level check by changing the gears and adding 200ml at the end? I thought that all that procedures can be avoided by replacing the same amount you take from the ATF pan. Am I missing something? What do you do with the new ATF pan gasket, is it necessary to grease it with oil or something else as you do for the engine oil filter? ---- I also have question for the engine oil change :) I came across that engine oil has has a density of ~850g/L and it is more accurate to use 0-10kg scale and do measuring by weight instead. With that assumption my last oil change was 5.2 liters, (I did with a measuring cup and pour 6.1L) but if take into account the oil density then I would need add an extra 900ml to get to 6.1 liters.

    I just wanted to ask you a few questions about the transmission fluid change. - you change 2.8 liters of transmission fluid is it including the new filter change as well? - when you take 2.8 liters do you go through 45 degrees process of heating the transmission first? - what if I add 100ml less or more, will it do much harm to the transmission?
  7. Fuel Filter Z646

    Yeah I know, I am not prepared to spend $130 for a genuine filter . I want it to be the identical and same size for reasonable price as it is just paper and plastic. It looks like in Australia they don't sell them, only genuine ones, maybe down the track there will be more options to choose from but for now there is none. The price should be $30 max $50 but not $130.... Sometime I think, that I am trying to get parts for BMW and not Toyota where it supposed to be more affordable and easy to get I just found a very good video on fuel filters and it made me lough so much : So if anyone interested changing their fuel filter you can get it for $20 plus $25 USD postage via DHL from China. I looked everywhere and still could not find any other place selling it for a better price. This is a good place to find the right part numbers:
  8. Fuel Filter Z646

    I did not replaced any seals/o-rings, I just made sure everything is at the right place. I had hard starting at first, but that was due to the empty filter, after that it was all normal and probably starts now a bit quicker after cleaning the fuel strainer, it was a reasonably dirty. I just got an email from Eziauto Parts that they don't have that size filter even Ryco does not have it. They only have the one I got, but it is a wrong size. They suggested to get a genuine one... So i probably going to get one from here: 77024-06280
  9. Fuel Filter Z646

    As some of you may know, I'm been trying to find the right fuel filter and I thought that I did find it..... I was wrong I thought I got the right one but when I pulled it apart, I found that it is not the one I need. And when I was looking all the photos on the net I actually never saw a long version of the filter I have in my car. This filter was suggested by eziautoparts: Ryco Fuel Filter Z936 That's the one I got... It is also not Ryco Fuel Filter Z646 I did clean the fuel strainer only, with a brake cleaner for now. It should be something like this: Toyota Aurion GSV50R 77024-06280 Original filter cost $130 look for number 7702406280 it is part number for the fuel filter. Or I found it in this fuel kit:
  10. Aurion floor mats

    Woooooow, it looks amazing!!!!!
  11. Removing Dash Trim

    You are most likely will need to remove the door panel first...
  12. Fuel Filter Z646

    Thanks, you are right, I was a bit confused, the filter should look like this:
  13. Fuel Filter Z646

    I been looking for a fuel filter for Aurion 2013. I just need your help to identify the right fuel filter. I came across Ryco Fuel Filter Z646 $47 and its generic Z646 $14 I also asked Eziauto Parts auto for their suggestion and they gave me these parts: Ryco: Z936 - ($101.50) Wesfil: WCF300 - ($48.70) Which fuel filter I would be able to fit in Aurion 2013?
  14. Flat battery

    and for the battery I can suggest Ctek Mxs 7.0 the 5 Amp choice may be a bit slow especially if your battery is completely flat, but if you charge overnight it probably does not matter anyway. But I must say that the prices for Cteck charges has been increased a bit... due to weak Oz dollar. So instead of the Ctek I can recommend FOXSUR 8A or this with cigarette lighter plug, depending of your battery size you can choose 2A, 4A and 8A. It also comes with the ambient temperature control just like in the more expensive Ctek range. I believe it is made in the same factory in China as Ctek, but due to patents and region distributions where it can be sold, the factory itself came up with the alternative design. And there also Hyundai also considered to be very good, but not very known here. They all made in China same factory and technology the way it charges is all the same they just come under a different name. Initially probably it was started by Ctek but then once it is out there in China it is just gets copied and replicated.
  15. Flat battery

    Another battery suggestion is EXIDE EXTREME X55D23CMF [CCA 650] which is the rebranded Supercharge battery and made at the same factory. You can buy either at Kmart or at Costco with a heavy discount if you have Costco membership or a very good friend who can help you to get it from Costco :)