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Seat Cleaning


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Hi all,

Yes i searched however could only find leather seat cleaning, point me in the correct direction if this is already covered.

I own a 2007 Levin, the interior is kind of cross hatch type fabric.

The seats are filthy and i am looking for the best way to clean them

I would love to fit seat covers but with side airbags this is not possible.

Also, does anyone know a rough idea how much it would cost to get a detail fixing the following issues - Yes i know it depends on the person, but a ball park figure would be swell....

1. Remove Swirl/Spider webbing

2. Fix Light abrasion on rear tailgate

3. Fix scratch on front bar (F^$# idiots scratched with key)

4. Full exterior detail

5. Full interior detail

Thanks in advanced!!!

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Yeah those Levin seats look difficult to clean.

Leroy recently had some dings and paint imperfections fixed. PM him if he doesn't find this thread by himself, he might share where he got his done and how much it set him back.

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Hey dude,

I've only had some paintless dent removing (PDR) done thus far. If the abrasions you speak of are imprints in the metal, rather than paint scrapes, then maybe a similar process may do the trick. PDR is a bit pricey though... it cost me $120 for a ding in one of the mudguards no longer than one of my fingers.

Mind you, your tailgate and front bar are plastic - so I doubt that would be any good to you :unsure:

As for the paint fixes, I can't help you too much. I am under the impression, though, that they generally paint the entire panel for consistency - even if only a small part of it is the problem area. That, too, renders such a job quite taxing on the wallet... (hence why I haven't fixed my bonnet yet, Jimmy)

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Hey Brad,

you can get seat covers for the levin seats that won't be in the side airbag's way. i have them in my levin. They're genuine from toyota and come in a black/charcoal grey colour.


Kenneth :toast:

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Thanks heaps spookz

Just called C Hill toyota - $170 for the fronts $144 for the rears.

Comes back to the question

Do i try and clean the seats my self, or do i get a detailer to steam clean etc. I would rather have the seats spotless then put the covers on, rather then just covering the dirt

Thanks heaps spookz!!!!

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You could try a random fabric cleaner (ala the ones you would use to lift spots from your clothes).

I've done that before... spray enough to wet the area, quickly soak it up (rubbing with soft cloth or paper towel) - let any other moisture you can't get to evaporate with the stain. It doesn't entirely remove the blemish (for instance, i know there was one there when i look at it), but it 'fades' the stain somewhat.

Experiment, I guess!! Anything you stuff up; well you were going to get the car detailer anyway :P

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Thanks Leroy

Actually gave the guys that detail C Hill toyota's car

Quoted ~$200 for full inside and outside clean

This includes stone chip removals and swirl marks, and steam cleaning the whole inside, from top to bottom

Thanks for your input guys

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Don't try to clean them yourself with spray cans etc.

Get a professional to do it. When my son spewed on the back seat (twisties - yellow spew) in the camry. I had them cleaned professionally by a mobile car detailer.

He came to my house and he had a mini wet vacum cleaner like those they use to clean carpets.

Really got the seats clean (and the smell out). I would recommend this as the way to go as the seats came up like new. Had it done one afternoon and they were pretty much dry straight away and fully dry the next morning.

I think those car wash places in the shopping centres do the same thing.

It does not cost that much for example

Just got this off the web

V2 wash & wax, vacuum, shine tyres & mudflaps, clean windows (inside & out), dress dash &

console, and deodorise

cars from $41.00 4WD and people movers from $48.00

V3 as per V2 plus shampoo seats and carpets

cars from $132.00 4WD and people movers from $143.00

There is also mobile upholstery cleaners that do lounges etc. that also do cars.

Google is your friend.

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-Save yourself alot of money, go to the commercial carwashes that have a steam cleaner and do it yourself, they actually work quite well in cleaning out dirt, stains and grit from the fabric.

-With regards to removing swirls, small scratches, etc from paintwork, and also protecting it from occuring as easily in future, give your car a good wax one or two times a year. I've used Turtle Wax Platinum for the last two years, For approx $20 and a bit of elbow grease you can't go past it, removes fine scratches and lines and gives a nice deep glossy shine that lasts.

-A good exterior detail which would include wash claybar and wax would set you back approx $120

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I would exercise caution in DIY-ing the Levin seats because they are that cross-hatching fabric. Looks like if you used the brush that comes with car apholstry cleaner products you would tear right through the upper fibres.

Good idea to use the people that Castle Hill use, presumably they have cleaned Levin seats before and are using a good method if Toyota have had no problems with them.

By the way, I prefer Levin seats over Sportivo seats, and both are better than the cloth 1ZZ seats :P

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gotta agree Tayles, they hug you, and they feel nice and comfy

On a side note, everyone that has replied to my thread, you are the reasonI bother writing on this forum.

Without personal opinions, strong personalities, the odd smart ***** attitude, this forum would not be the place it is today.

Thanks to you all

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If i was to do the job list you asked it would cost you roughly $250. full detail(inside,outside,engine bay and under guards,door jambs) plus shampooing seats. depending on how much extra needs to be done on paintwork may involve more time and therfore a bit more $$$. i may be a bit dearer than some but you get what you pay for. i also only normally do enthuisasists cars/show cars/hot rods/ race cars.

But i guarantee my work to satisfy you and the car would look as good as new. then take it to a show and win LOL

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