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dyno day for meee

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hey guys ..

dis my first time doing this and yeh wish me luck chucking my auto rolla on da dyno on friday morning !!!

bit nervous dont know why LOL !! hope its a good result :P cars getting oil change and air filter cleaned tomorrow and got a full tank of v power... hope da temperature is good that dya :P spose to be raining as well

hope its not humid :( dat will kill da results n make it **** :(

thanks guys for letting me express emotions ROFL

anthony !!

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im getting it done at tune house :D in marrickville ... same place as our rolla...YDOIT4 i heard his car on one of our big cruises n yeh so nice !! yeh they charging me errr 100 for unlimited runs .. meaning .. like they will run it as much until i get a stable rresult ...

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voy im ready to do exhaust now :P tune house is getting me quotes :D what did ur car read as :P hoping to get mine in the 70 lol :( cant wiat

got full tank of v power and just got changed oil n cleaned air filter cant wait :D

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hey guys just done the dyno i was quite suprised

my car put out 77.7kws atw with 134nm of torque... i was quite expecting around 70 but yeh came out better than i fort .

these guys really do take their hygiene seriously lol :P they always mopping da floor :P hahaha so funny yet good :)

thanks guys take it easy


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thanks guys :P haha now its time for a exhaust system :D

the guys at tune house was offering a package where extractors is designed good for low end toque with new stainless steel piping all the way to the back with stainless steel exhaust for 1750 supplied and fitteed ..

apparently he said his done this job for a couple of corollas and he said that his seen a out put of around 8 - 15 kws extra (sorry editted ** 8 - 15kws extra **)

what do u guys think ?

thanks guys !!


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$1750 for a complete stainless exhaust from the exhaust ports back including metalcat, flex and two Lukey stainless mufflers is OK.

77kw is about right for a dynapack, they read a bit higher than the DD's. Eg my car did 260kw at the hubs on a dynapack and 240kw atw on a DD

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man that place if they notice a drop of oil they will clean it up straight away !!

serzly when i was tehre todai its like unbelieveable that i have witnessed a performance work shop so clean in my life .. everything is like neatly packed away n everything nothing lying around or n e thing.

the guy that setted up my car right, my wheels was dirty and touching the discs was greasy.. the guy actually went n cleaned his hands after he got everything set up.

if i decide to go back there n do an exhaust set up with them, i will try get a video clip of them cleaning up.

even the free water that was tehre tasted as tho it was filtered a million times :P taste so good LOL

**taken from their actual website**

Q: How clean and tidy is their shop?

Tunehouse has a surgery like workshop - we believe this reflects our overall professionalism. If you choose to wait, we invite you to relax over a coffee and magazine in our waiting room.

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