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Is your muffler/exhaust pipe has corrosion like?


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condensation in the pipes...

maybe there is some water vapour in the engine? (i know thats possible...)

A lot of the exhaust gas is actually water........

hydrocarbon (ie petrol) + oxygen (intake air) + nitrogen (intake air) = H2O (water vapour) + C02 (carbon dioxide) + N0x (nitrous oxides)

If the mixture isn't quite right, you do get carbon monoxide too, or if really rich then just carbon (soot). But water vapour is a standard part of exhaust gases. When the surrounding air is cool (ie early mornings, winter etc), the air cools the exhaust sufficiently to make this vapour condense into water droplets, which you see as either a light steam/mist from the exhaust, or even water dripping from the tail-pipe.

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