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Lets talk SR5


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100% decided within the next few months to a year I will be purchasing a 2005 SR5 hilux, 2005 because the price will be more attractive for me and I really like the shape.

I am currently undecided tho bewteen the KUN26R MY05 or the GGN25R MY05, as you can probably see my main problem is the whole petrol vs diesel debate...

I am mainly after this for ****** off out of town with me swag to get away, but I lack knowledge with diesel, are they a pain in the ***** too service/repair??

what you lads thinking??

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desiel is better i resently bought me a d4d t/d hilux 2005 4x2 its pretty darn good on the go gas i got 290km to a 1/4 tank u'd be lucky to get half that in the v6 also maintance dieslel has 1 fuel filter no spark plugs 1 head n its desiel they just go n go n go

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love it for a ute drives like a car the 4x2 revs a little higher then the 4x4 @ 100kph the 4x2 does a little over 2500rpm were as the 4x4 does about 2000 i guess that how they keep the fuel economy similar on the 2

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Hey Simo, I'm looking at one myself. Going for the bright blue, just getting an Sr. I'd definitely say the diesel also. I work out at a mine and all the Landies and Hiluxs we use are diesel. Out on the middle of whoop, we still manage around 850~k. Servicing little things is cake, and the engine is very accessible for DIY. The new look Hilux is just a facelift, its out here right now. its basically the same as the old, but softer looking

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n if ur gona be doin alot of towing the clutch on the diesel takes 1/2 the time as u dont have to remove the exhuast n u dont have to fight the flange on the front diff on the diesel where as v6 a pain in the u know wat theres no spark plugs (LHS of v6 painful) feul filter on diesel is 160000km apposed to 80000 on the petrols but i recommened changin it more often as injectors on the diesel arnt cheap but at $20 a filter y not change it every 20-40k service intervals then there the 1 other thing the diesel has that the petrol doesnt is the t-belt thats a 30 min job (peice of *****) then theres the best benefit of all the fuel consumption although in sayint this cost will be the same due to fuel prices

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I have a 2001 SR5 Turbo Diesel, waaaay better than the petrol ones that I have driven. I have driven my car to a few remote places around the NT, down to SA and over to VIC, no issues at all. Only thing is because of the gearing it doesn't like going over 120KPH but that's fine for me.

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I bought the SR5 diesel 2012 model auto. I tow a camper trailer and am having some issues with trans. Now the manual says to tow in 3rd not overdrive. At 110km in overdrive revs at 2000rpm in 3rd it sits on 3000rpm. In overdrive it towed all the way from Adelaide to Queensland and not an issue, on the way back to Adelaide however it was fine until i got just out of Hay then we had some headwinds and trans dropped back to 3rd economy went out the window 3000rpm will do that hey.

This is not the first time it happened, from Adelaide to Flinders ranges it did the same drop back to 3rd thing. Once again head winds. I told Toyota where i. Bought it from and told me that if i tow in 3rd fuel economy would be better????? I told them i was not happy and was told trans was going into protection mode . They said in next service they will check to see if there was an update in software, there was apparently???? And they did they did the update????. That weekend i went from Adelaide to Berrie fine on the way up once again on the way back trans did the whole 3rd thing.

Now i bought the hilux top of the line for the reputation of being bullet proof and towing ability. To me towing at 110km at 3000rpm is not what i expected. Now after $55000 for the hilux and $10000 or more worth of extras im stuck with it. Toyota dont want to seem to know about it.

Wondering if any one else has had this problem and if so how has it been overcome if it has or any other tips for me except for driving at 90kmh from adelaide to queensland its a massive drive made bigger.

What about beefing up trans, is it possible?

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