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Questions about Show off meets in south queensland area (police)


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I was just wondering, do cops still patrol popular meets (BP on the motor way, the spit and others) and defect cars, do they do a rigorous search (having a look under the car with mirros and such) and do they still do that coke can thingy where if you cant fit a coke can under it, then its too low. (cause i kinda ran over a branch and my exhaust sounds totally different, slightly cannony which i dont like, past 3500 revs)

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Show of meets are heaps gay, all that gets shown off at them is a bunch of people up to there eye balls in debt who live off cat biscuits for nutrition.

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cops just partol general places like the spit and stapleton rd servo etc etc...organised meets are usually alright...i went on a pretty big boostcruising one last night to goldy, everyone raced on the highway for an hour straight and didnt see one cop the whole time.

wat sort of car do u drive? i see ur from inala, im from forestlake....dont speed on the boulevard i lost 3 points last week <_<

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