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repair rim or buy a new one?


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ive got a rim thats pretty banged up. question is, do you think its repairable? or is it even worth repairing? if so, is there a place in sydney i can go to?



i reckon they be gonners... i'm no expert though. i think you'd struggle keeping pressure in the tyre after a knock like that.

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ive been repairing my rims about twice now. the last one was the bad one, hit a kerb while turning! T_T

so yeh, on my case, my guy actually grinds + sands the rims to make it smooth again!

but i realise that after doing that the second time, wheels balance is abit off!

after grinding+sanding, weights of the rims wont be the same, it wont be as perfect as factory standard!

so yeh, if its a minor one , should be alright. but major damage, wouldnt recommend fixing it

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yeaa i went and picked up a new rim the other day. the colour isnt soo bad! you cant even tell unless you look real close! but being a perfectionist, im gonna have to get it sprayed

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