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Hello Eevryone,

I'm stevo1210 or Stephen as people refer me to as. I am a year 12 student currently residing in south Sydney. I aspire to be an electronics technician once I finish high school.

I currently drive a stock 2003 ZZE122R Toyota Corolla Ascent Seca hatchback, Simpson red in colour and with only 60000KMs on the dash since new :)

It was purchased brand new in 2003 when I was still in primary school and it used to be my parents car but they have since upgraded to a 2007 Honda Accord VTi-L and so I was given the Corolla.

I got my P's about a month ago and I love my Corolla... it's fuel efficient, cheap to run (for a student anyway) and fits into most places unlike my old 1990 Holden VN Commodore.

This Corolla isn't my first experience with a Toyota though... Earlier on when I was still on my L's, I drove my mum's 1998 AE101R Toyota Corolla Seca CSi... until it was sold to my Aunty... very good car though.

Anyway, I'm not planning to modify the exterior of my Corolla in any way... I think I'll just leave it stock for now. The interior on the other hand may get a stereo upgrade if I can figure out how to pull my dash apart to install a new dvd player stereo I recently bought. I might also install front power windows and an ABS controller if I can source one out. I have however installed reverse sensors for added safety when reversing (I have younger sibling and I don't want any nasties).

So yeah, that's my belated intro.


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Thanks guys.


This thread wouldn't be complete without pictures. So I decided to take a picture this afternoon... (Sorry number plates are covered for obvious reasons)


It looks pretty good in my opinion considering its age.


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