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Toyota Avalon - Transmission Problem


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I recently got a Avalon 2004 model with 69000kms on ODO. I just noticed a problem in its transmission, will try to explain as best possible. Starting up from idle with very light foot on the gas the car gives u very small jerks. The jerks are like as if your engine is choking or something. Like the power from the engine or transmission is going up or down. this happens only until the tranny shifts to 2nd gear. THis does not happen when accelerating hard.

It doesnt matter if the engine is hot or cold.

so anyone got any ideas ? the tranny oil looks fairly fresh and the vehicle is overall immaculate.

anyone got any ideas on what might be wrong?

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with 69000km a tranny/diff flush might be ok, but some shops may still recommend against it as a flush will stir up a lot of crap which can (but not always) cause other problems or make the original problem worse.

does the fluid in at the moment smell burnt? and what colour is it?

the transmission you have is the same as the gen 5 camry and some do have a problem with hard shifting, but jerking in first gear doesnt sound right. drain the tranny and the diff, remove the pan and clean/change the filter and see about a flush. if that doesnt help, go to a tranny shop to get some diagnostics done.

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hi guys. thanks for your replies. After thorough testing the vehicle jerking sometimes happens and sometimes does not. It does not appear to be a problem with the transmission. Since it shifts very smoothly into 2nd.

Could it be something else.........fuel filter ? Spark plugs ?

Any ideas

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