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Throttle Controller


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When you mention that, I can only think of those Sprint Boosters and anything that has a similar catch. I have expressed my opinions before, so I will just quote myself. It's your money to burn, so you make the choice:

and I'll say it again. It's just different packaging and different names for the same thing. I can't believe that they can get away with selling something that probably costs them under $20 to make for $400+. That's massive profit:
I've said my words on this before for a
that does what the SprintBooster does. I'll just reiterate them to hopefully save others from money (only works with an electronic throttle):
Those are completely pointless. All they do is adjust the amount that the throttle plate moves in relation to how much you press on the accelerator. Such a massive waste of money (AU $359.58 + AU $78.24 for the harness if you choose) for something you can easily adjust with decent driving skills.

Look at it this way. For a normal DBW throttle, you depress the accelerator 10% of its range, the throttle plate moves 10% of its range. Now you add this box and put it into 'Sports' mode. Now when you depress the accelerator 10%, the throttle moves 20% (for example). What happens when you depress the accelerator 50%... the throttle is at 100% and the rest of the range in your accelerator is useless.

Now it only takes a fraction of a second to press the accelerator that extra distance that this box is going to compensate for. There is absolutely no gain in respect to this.

Putting it into 'Eco' mode will do the opposite. For example, you depress the accelerator 10%, the throttle moves only 5%. Now This I can see would provide some sort of gain if you were trying to drive like a granny and want to get your revs 100% perfect, but realistically it is just useless. You can gain decent control with practice.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, but those are just my opinions.

The Sprint Booster or the E-Booster as you have posted don't have any adjustment. They would only be set to one mode similar to the 'Sports' mode I mentioned above.

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Plus the increased probability that the ECU will detect a problem and put you into limp-home mode, which will limit the RPM to idle!

If DJKOR is right about the 50% input will give 100% throttle output ... Formula 1 and V8 supercars have been missing out on something! Sorry about that sarcasm ...

Seriously, you need 100% of the throttle range to be responsive in order to make the most of the traction available at the tyres. With a race driver at the wheel, the fastest system will be the manufacturers design (ie Alonso in the pic). Modification in this example would be like Piquet's driving (which lead to an accident).


In terms of economy, keeping fuel consumption at the front of your mind will be the most effective.

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Forget the Throttle Controller Boosters! There is a secret yet proven performance modification that is a must.

Highlight to read --->> Move your seat forward <<---

This is something that I was never taught when I was working on the V8 Supercars!

But now, I finally know ...

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