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Ordered my Stivo Today !!!!

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Afternoon Boys/Girls

Went into Ross Llewellyn Motors (Ipswich) this morning, after going to a few dearlerships in Brisbane and then having a chat to Shaohaok.

I ordered my brand new white 04 Sportivo :D (after a $100 Deposit)

I got it for $29, 015 on the road, and that is with Personalised Plates, Paint Protection and Sports Grill.

It's coming up from Sydney and I should get it within the next 7-10 days.

Let the Lift Begin :) :) :)

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good work danthuyer.

now shao, yourself and me can have a sportivo cruze day like our forum members from the south :P

i think we have all had certain issues with getting our car. mine was delayed 2 weeks then my new chrome rims got damaged and finally the rear skirt was put on incorrectly and had to be redone. But all in all the wait was well worth it.

hope to see your around brisbane



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Congrats man!!! I've had mine for 2weeks and i'm loving it!

29k is a damn good deal man! that's how much i got mine for and i didn't get grill or paint protection. damn! and i thought i was a good negotiator. and you got an 04plated car too.

I'm from sydney and so far i've seem about 5-6 sportivos on a regular basis. I wonder if their owners are members of this board.

I see a silver and a blue stivo around the Silverwater area all the time and a black one around Liverpool. Hmm... <_<

anyways. hope you love the car as much as we do.

p.s watch your **** when the leather seats have been in the sun for a while. :P

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Cheers guys for all the Thx :)

I can now be hired as a negotiator for anyone else buying new or used cars :P

I got a call from the dealership asking about the rust proofing, window tinting etc.

I will be going to Tint-a-Car for my tinting because it is better than the Titanium stuff that Ming uses from the dealership. Its also cheaper and is newer technology. And being a repeat customer with them i get big discount and lots of free cleaning products :D

One question though! has anyone got that noise reduction thing that they do to the underside of the chassis??? if so can i have some comments on it please!!?!?!?!?¿¿¿¿

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i'm quite pleased with it. even tho i can't actually see it! :P

the first thing i noticed was that tyre noise and road noise was a lot quieter than my test drive was.

and with my bloody loud rear muffler, there is quite a difference from the inside coz at certain low revs i can't hear it from the inside but its pretty loud outside., if u get what i mean

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