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GTP Touring Camry

Blind Kid Seeks

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Thought it best posted in here... as its not my car for sale.

But i Traded a White GTP Touring Camry the other week, owner bought an Aurion Presara

Its absoloutely MINT!!!! under 60000 kms will be for sale for around the 18k mark i think.

for those in the know... these are pretty rare

contact me at Lane Toyota for more details.

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Had a look at this last week and it looks good, tow kit is a bonus. Oddly has 3 different brands of 17" tyres fitted and the window tint is falling off (not the first I've seen with this problem - Ming). Would be perfect if it were a 5 sp (and about 7K cheaper).

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I was down at Lane Toyota earlier in the week and had a look at this GTP. It appears to be a clean example however the tint is coming off the front passenger window and it appears the weathershield has been removed from this door too which has left some markings on the paint. I didn't check the tyres to see if they have fitted four of the same brand yet.

I personally think the price is too much, regardless of kilometres but then again this is a dealership. I was tempted to take a test drive but I found the sales staff to be a bit pushy and decided to leave it for now.

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I have driven it and it drives like a new car (despite the cheap chinese front tyres and odd rear ones) - has wobbly front rotors when braking which is fixable (same as my old BA Falcon) . If your in the market for an auto and can get good quality 17" tyres thrown into the deal it would be worth 12K driveaway....

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I think the car in question is this one a low milage clean unit but overpriced.


The thing I noticed about it is it is a 2001 model with QCZ-220 reg I had a 2000 fairmont Ghia march reg QCI and I purchased recently for my young bloke a low kms one owner deceased estate Touring model with sunroof for $7,000 and May 2000 reg QDX-987 . A couple of pics of the one I purchased.

The reg plates tell me the white car for sale could be a 2000 reg car.



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I'm out of the market now as I bought a 2003 Camry Sportivo V6 5sp manual with 53,000klms on the clock for $14,500 driveaway with 12mnth rego and almost new Yokohama Advans. Full Toyota service history with the same dealer and 3yrs / 175,000klm warranty too! Some great bargains out there at the mo'

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I think the car in question is this one a low milage clean unit but overpriced.

of course its overpriced, very thing at dealers are. if that car isnt sold within 3mths, i will vouch some guy will attain a GREAT deal, as the last thing that dealer wants to do is to leave it hanging in the lot, out in the sun....degrading the car....slowly and steadily.

i had a look on a sunday, very nice, but yes, cheapo front tyres must be replaced, a disgrace to sell that car with them i reckon, esp for that price. it does, however, have a GTP kit, so it will need to be sold for that little bit "extra", but not for the price it is currently.

i do know someone with an 02 sxv20r advantage with only 20,000kms on it, and thats valued at 15-16-17 tops, so go figure as this has got 56k on it.

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